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The Alien is the main antagonist of a 1987 action-science fiction movie The Hidden.


This criminal had been on the run from alien police, though it lost them and arrived on Earth. It started killing people in the body of a host, Jack DeVries. The alien (in DeVries' body) robbed a bank and killed several guards then drove at high speed listening to heavy metal music, running over people.

Later after the host got severely wounded from burns when his car blew up and getting shot by the LAPD, the alien came out of DeVries' body and transferred itself into Jonathan Miller at a hospital. The host opens its mouth and the alien transfers itself into another body.

The body gets so damaged it needs another body, Miller has a very sick body and the alien almost starts to come out, "Miller" killed a Ferrari salesman and an arms dealer and stole a red Ferrari Mondial.

"Miller" attacks Brenda, a stripper and the alien takes her over. "Brenda" fired a big gun at two policemen.

Tom Beck and Lloyd Gallagher try to catch up to her, they shoot her several times, headed up the roof and after Gallagher shot her a few times, she saw a strange weapon, realizing who Gallagher is.

"Brenda" jumped off the roof and took over Lt. John Masterson's dog, the alien, in the dog's body attacked its master and took him over.

"Masterson" showed up at the police station, heard Gallagher's alien weapon blew up a wall in the evidence room, he took the alien weapon, a grenade, a machine gun, and a rocket launcher. When he holds Beck hostage to take him to Alhaque, an alien police officer in the body of Robert Stone a.k.a. Lloyd Gallagher, Beck managed to get Alhaque's weapon, but it can only work out of human flesh. After getting severely wounded from Beck and other policemen, it took over Beck's partner, Cliff Willis.

"Willis" left the station and went to a hotel where Senator Holt is having his candidacy, he killed several security guards and severely wounded Beck, managed to take over the senator.

The alien, in the senator's body, plans to use the senator to take over the planet, announced to be president, Alhaque ran down security and getting shot by a policeman, security guards and the "senator," Alhaque pulled out a flamethrower and burned the possessed senator, which caused the alien to come out and Alhaque pulled out his alien weapon and blew the alien to pieces.

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