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Alien Adacic is a minor antagonist in the 2019 Netflix anime series, ULTRAMAN, based on the original 2011 manga series. He served as the main antagonist in the third episode "Being Ultraman Isn't so Bad" and the fourth episode "Release the Limiter!".

He is a serial killer that targeted humans for his own pleasure while hunting them down and was the very first Seijin Shinjiro ever faced (excluding Bemular).


This Adacic, unlike his species, is incredibly sadistic and takes pride in his killings while eating his prey's blood regardless of his species' traditional need for hunger. He enjoys taunting his enemies to no end while making them feel like they doing what is right due to being a "fake", this was shown during his fight with Shinjiro.

He is rather skilled and intelligent as he does manage to put up a destructive yet fierce fight, even having the full use of his weaponry and fighting tactics which in his case was showcased on how he was able to undermine Shinjiro easily, same goes for how he has the integrity to escape easily as an example.

He happens to have a short temper when he believed he was being used by the SSSP to expose all Seijin and Ultramen, as well as getting angry over such petty motives like when his arm got sliced during the final battle against his opponent.


The Alien Adacic has been roaming around the streets on Earth, disguised as a police officer in order to hide his presence and kill his victims quickly and easily.

His actions caught the SSSP's attention as Shinjiro would be tasked to eliminate the threat. Shinjiro would be first seen finding the Adacic in a warehouse complex where he was eating the blood of his latest victim and a dozen more corpses left seen, one of them being a high school girl. The two would fight one another before he was called out for his actions by Shinjiro, only to reply that the reason was that they were delicious before firing his plasma blasts right at him.

He'd soon escape the warehouse before Shinjiro followed him all the way to the city where he fought at a traffic jam, endangering civilians in an instant before deciding to mock the young Ultraman to being an "amateur" and an imposter. He then proceeds to kill Rena, a young idol, simply because he grew annoyed with her encouraging Shinjiro until the latter protected her, which then would he proceed to fight Shinjiro before SSSP members arrived to surround him.

He would become enraged at how thought SSSP "used" him as a source to expose Ultraman and Seijin to Earth through his rant before attacking Shinjiro ruthlessly by shooting directly at him before he got his arm sliced off. He ends up getting fed up to the point he cloned himself to finish off Shinjiro and finally having the urge to kill everyone else in the city. However, Adacic dies immediately after Shinjiro fired out his Specium Ray at him and his clones.


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