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Hmm, my gun is empty. Better charge it before I leave.
~ Assassin's first quote.

The Alien Assassin, is an anti-villainous gangster from the video game A Small Favor.

The game was created by Zeebarf and RiftMaster.


A Small Favor

The game has been released on May 12, 2009, and it's considered a Adventurous-clicking game. It starts off with a quest of eliminating the senator R.B. Lobe. Alien Assassin starts off by taking his gun and a cigar. After of which he trades with another alien. The Assassin gave the alien the cigar, and the alien gave him a hose. After the Assassin goes outside and plugs the hose to the water, watering the blue-cactus.

Once finished, the Assassin meets up with The Worm, which would help the Assassin on his quest later on. The Assassin then ends up going to a entrance, in which a eye-like creature tells the Assassin to place his gun to a conveyer to be able to proceed the entrance.

Then the Assassin enters and researches the facility. In which the Assassin must terminate the body-guard as a favor to another alien that he met up in the facility. The Assassin then goes and gives the body-guard a coffee, which he drinks and goes to the bathroom. Assassin follows him and shoots him inside of the bathroom. When the guard is killed, Assassin enters the doors the guard was protecting and shoots the boss of the facility.

The Assassin takes a green-substance from the bosses office and runs to another trading alien and gives to the alien the bomb in which the alien creates a explosive out of it. The Assassin then goes back to the facility and bombs the traitor inside of it.

In the end, the Alien enters inside of the R.B. Lobes office and murders him.

Another Small Favor

To Be Continued.


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