The Alien Catcher General' was a minor villain in the 2000 AD comic strip Judge Dredd during 'The Cursed Earth' storyline.


The Alien Catcher General was the leader of the Slay Riders who catch any alien slaves that attempt to escape from their plantations. After an alien named Tweak escaped from his cell the leader of the camp called the Ferry-Master called the Alien Catcher General and the Slay Riders to get Tweak. After they managed to trap Tweak in a net, Dredd arrives and demands that they release the alien, but he refuses and warns Dredd to stand aside and gloats how the alien will be killed, skinned and hunged as a warning to the other aliens. Dredd refuses and gets Tweak on his bike so the General orders the Slay Riders to kill both Dredd and Tweak for defying him. Dredd manages to use his Land-Raider to kill some Slay Riders and he tells Tweak to hold on as the Slay Riders charge towards them. Dredd manages to kick one of them off a horse and blow him up. While Tweak was surrounded, he pressed an button on Dredd's bike and the guns fire killing the Slay Rider. The Ferry-Master attempted to flay Tweak alive but Tweak jumped onto him and crushed his skull, killing him. During the furious battle, the General attempts to kill Dredd with his sword but Dredd used the net that trapped Tweak and threw it at the General, trapping him and Dredd stabs him with his own sword, killing him.


  • He was a parady of the Witch Finder General.