I'm finally here! I've come for the ultimate fruit taste of Froot Loops!
~ The Alien Fruit Monster arrived at Super Fun Swamp.

The Alien Fruit Monster is the main antagonist of a 2004 commercial/internet campaign for Froot Loops, where he continually seeks for Froot Loops.


As the Alien Fruit Monster arrived at Super Fun Swamp, Toucan Sam was taken by the Fruit Monster who demanded a bowl of Froot Loops. Sam's three nephews decided to bring in a bowl at Wild And Wacky Jungle, which made the Alien Fruit Monster seek more Froot Loops, or as he referred to it as the "Ultimate Fruit Flavor". Toucan Sam and his boys hid at the treehouse so the Fruit Monster couldn't find them. As he had eaten the entire box of Froot Loops at Yummy Fruity Field, he became yellow and euphoric, redeeming himself.


The Alien Fruit Monster has green skin and four tentacles for arms. He has pinkish eyes. After his redemption, his skin has changed to yellow.



  • The Alien Fruit Monster was voiced by Maurice LaMarche, who also voiced Toucan Sam of the same campaign.
  • After the Fruit Monster redeems himself, Alien Berry Froot Loops were available during the end of 2004.
  • A limited time bending figure based on the Alien Fruit Monster was found by buying at the Froot Loops website during 2004.
  • The Alien Fruit Monster serves as an homage to Audrey II.
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