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Alien Pedan is one of the main antagonists in the 2019 Netflix anime series, ULTRAMAN, based on the original 2011 manga series. He serves as the main antagonist in the second season. He is an enigmatic invader and the leader of the Star of Darkness whose motive is to conquer the Earth and the one responsible for the disappearances of many abducted humans.

He is arguably considered to be the archenemy of all six of the Ultramen due to his heinous actions of nearly destroying the Earth and being one of their strongest opponents alive.

He was voiced by Junichi Suwabe.


Pedan is a cunning, vicious, and cruel individual whose goal is to conquer the Earth, while remaining enigmatic, he is rather skilled in both combat and leadership as he staged the mass abductions of many innocent people in order to create an ultimatum to let his other fellow aliens take over or he would kill off the abducted humans himself.

Pedan is also incredibly cruel and does not accept nor tolerate betrayal from his own pawns, especially to the likes of Maya in general, as he was fine with having to order her death. Additionally, he is not one to be above killing those who worked for him just to set an example and is indicated to be xenophobic upon mocking Maya and the last of her kind.

He also happens to show a charismatic side to himself due to the tone of how he speaks generally but isn't afraid to get his hands dirty as he expressed sadism and joy from this. He is also nihilistic as he dared Shinjiro and his father to kill him with their Specium Ray in order to die "gloriously" while in actuality it was for what he ambiguously planned behind their backs as seen through Bemular, therefore making him dishonorable. He even changed his mind to destroy the Earth instead.


Pedan would orchestrate the mass disappearances across New York City upon ordering the Wadorans in the doing as he lend them his quantum transmission devices. He would later orchestrate an attack in Japan by sending in Mochigon to attack Shinjiro in the streets and had the Wadorans abduct the human, alongside Shinjiro and the monster, into the Golden Fortress. From there, Shinjiro will be held prisoner at that time.

As Maya and her team retreated, Pedan makes an announcement through a hologram, offering a bargain should all of humanity offer them half of their planet or he would kill half of the abducted humans before vanishing. He would hold several meetings with Maya regarding her status on the mission so far and how he pressured her about her failures so far. Later on, as he overheard about three other Ultramen, he enforced Maya to detonate their transmission apparatus, knowing very well that her men are still down there as he vanishes to capture Shin Hayata. It is also heavily indicated that he modified the Mochigon from earlier for Maya's henchmen to use upon fighting the three Ultramen.

He copied a clone of himself to take care of capturing Shin Hayata while killing off several of the SSSP's guards before fighting the latter. Meanwhile, growing impatience, Pedan insisted on enforcing Maya to press the button once the Ultramen were caught off-guard, when she refused he strangled her before pushing the button. Her henchmen, Raiden and Tsuchigumo were killed in the explosion but the Ultramen were able to survive. Pedan uses this opportunity to warn the last Wadoran that is their princess if she ended up failing him once more. Meanwhile, the clone manages to capture Shin after the fight was over.

Pedan would make another announcement regarding Shin's capture to make all of those on Earth lose hope to make the options they'll choose from his bargain become more easier. Upon being reported about Maya's betrayal and the escape of Shinjiro, he personally ordered Llubihc to do what he can, regardless of Maya being killed as he is perfectly fine with it alongside the capture of Hokuto. He would then be seen announcing the deadline and seemingly ignoring the other options suggested by Ide, an SSSP member, as he then decides to come down to Earth to destroy most of the population starting with Japan.

He activates the Golden Fortress to go into its automaton-like form where it began shooting out multiple lasers and a destructive energy beam that demolished most of the city, even killing those who aren't abducted potentially. He even had his remaining men stop the six Ultramen before they took care of them and destroy the source of the energy beam, meanwhile, Kotaro heads to the power nuclear reactor to stop the Fortress before being taunted by Pedan himself. Left with no choice, Kotaro sacrifices himself temporarily which destroyed the Fortress, unfortunately, Pedan survives shortly.

He would soon sadistically challenge all five of the remaining Ultramen before having to torture the other three (that being Moroboshi, Jack, and Hokuto) through his clones until he was overwhelmed by an upgraded Zoffys suit belonging to Shin. He would soon transform into his final form to finish off Shinjiro and Shin before being easily overpowered by their combined effort, laughing it off as he then pursued them to kill him before increasing the electrocuting torture placed on their allies.

Pedan would then use an energy barrier to protect himself before Bemular appeared to help the father and son Ultramen combine their ray attacks to finish Pedan for good. Before dying, Pedan boastfully states that his plans will be achieved as victory is his.


  • His species' name or the name of who he is called is never mentioned in the series, he was only referred to as the invader.
  • His manga version is originally a drug dealer alongside his men as the drugs they sold caused people to become monsters across Japan. However, this is later omitted in the anime series for reasons unknown and his portrayal was changed to being a space invader.


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