Maintaining minimum safe distance from designate Milo Murphy. Negative probability ions.... moderate.
~ The Alien Pilot parking the ship away from the Murphys' house.

The Alien Pilot is the secondary antagonist of the second season of the Disney XD series Milo Murphy's Law. He is an unnamed extraterrestrial pilot who serves as the right-hand man of the Alien Commander.


Managing Murphy's Law

The Alien Pilot first appeared commandeering the Commander's ship before informing her of a series of glitches caused by Murphy's Law, due to the presence of a boy named Milo Murphy attending a gig for an incoming concert. Seeing that there are many negative eons surrounding the boy due to Murphy's Law, the Pilot was ordered by the Commander to set their ship into following Milo.

The Commander's ship flew over to Milo's house, but Murphy's Law started more glitches in the system, causing the ship to go out of control, incinerating the Murphys' garage (though Milo and his friends manage to escape the damage). The Pilot tried to convince the Commander that they should move away from the area, but the Commander demands to get closer to Milo as she wants more info. During the concert, the ship goes out of control again, which finally forced a nervous Commander to tell the Pilot to move their ship away from Milo. As they finally made it back to outer space, the relieved Pilot informed that all systems are back to normal, but the Commander swears that she'll return for Milo.

Milo's Shadow

The Pilot made a cameo appearance where he and the Commander witnessed Balthazar Cavendish ranting out about the existence of aliens after being kicked out from from the Danville Community Center for his ramblings. Seeing that Balthazar's suspicions may expose their presence to the world, the Commander orders the Pilot to fire a laser to incinerate Balthazar to cover their tracks. However, another laser beam (fired by Heinz Doofenshmirtz) hits the ship, causing it to set itself into autopilot and fly away from Earth's atmosphere back to their home planet, much to both the Commander and the Pilot's confusion.

Sick Day

The Pilot manages to get the ship to be parked at a safe distance from the Murphys' residence, and the Commander decides to send in her two best agents Loab and Khone to spy on Milo (who is in bed due to catching the common cold) and get a tissue sample from him. Though Loab and Khone are able to infiltrate into Milo's house without being spot by the Murphys, they end up being caught by Milo's dog Diogee, forcing to escape back to the ship in failure. This prompted the annoyed Commander to do the job herself, so she posed herself as Milo's mother Brigette while meeting Milo in his room, allowing herself to obtain a tissue sample before escaping back into her ship. Upon experimenting the sample, the Pilot concludes his research about the negative ions surrounding Milo that may serve as a threat to their plans. This prompted the Commander to announce her next move by kidnapping Milo, despite learning in dismay that she has caught the common cold since she touched Milo while getting the sample.


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