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We live to conquest!
~ Alien Rice Weevils

The Alien Rice Weevils are a group of minor antagonists from Kung Fu Panda: Legends of Awesomeness. They're arthropods from the moon that plan to take over the world.

They are voiced by Nolan North.


Alien Rice Weevils are tiny grub-like creatures that crawl into the minds of larger creatures and control them from inside. This causes their hosts to act like zombies who speak in a weird fashion. They decend from the Moon and refer to themselves as "Hong". Their existence was brought to light by General Tsin, who described that they came from the Moon and their plan to take over Earth.

General Tsin describes that the only way to defeat the Weevils is to put a copper pot on your head, splash your face with tea, and to then sing a tea song. This is only if they crawled into someone's head. Outside of a host, they have the advantage of numbers and strong silk that they excrete from the back of their bodies.

The Weevils are commanded by a leader Weevil known as Supervisor Hong, who has horns on his head. He is implied to be the mastermind behind their operations.


The Alien Rice Weevils appear to have white grub-like bodies. They have orange heads and sharp teeth. They have a handful of yellow insect legs. They have tiny black spikes on their bodies, Supervisor Hong having the biggest on his head.

See No Weevil

In the episode "See No Weevil", a paranoid General Tsin is attacking a rice mill. When he is apprehended, he tries to explain that he is trying to foil the plot of the Alien Rice Weevils. As he is being taken away, a couple of goats offer Po a bag of Rice which smells particularly bad. Po later meets General Tsin in prison, and he continues his rantings about the Weevils. He eventually mentions that they call themselves "Hong", Po recalls that the rice mill people did this, and so he went back to investigate. When he got back, he realized that the General was right and was attacked by Weevils. Supervisor Hong revealed both his identity and their plan to conquer Earth. One of the Weevils attempts to brainwash him, but Po remembers how to avoid this and defeats the attacking Weevil.

Po goes back to the palace to find that the others have been hypnotized by Weevils that hid in the bag that Po bring to the palace. The rest of the village had also been brainwashed during his absence as well. With the assistance of his father, Po is able to defeat the brainwashed warriors and the Weevils. In addition, he uses General Tsin's freezing machine to freeze them.



  • Rice Weevils are a species of arthropod that actually appear in the real world. However; they are drastically different from the ones that appeared in the episode, looking more like traditional Weevils rather than grubs.
  • The Alien Rice Weevils cause things to smell like "feet".

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