Alien Shaplay is an alien that has appeared as an antagonist several times in the Ultraman franchise.



Alien Shaplay came to Earth along with his monster Giradorus to recover Ultonium from the Earth's core, not caring that it would cause the Earth to implode.

As Giradorus was searching underground, he was causing earthquakes on the Earth's surface, prompting the Ultra Garrison to go investigate. Disguised as a human, Shaplay fooled Anne into thinking that the seismologist the Ultra Garrison was with was an alien. He later reverted to his true form to attack the Ultra Garrison, but was shot and killed by them. Before dying, Shaplay ordered Giradorus to destroy the Ultra Garrison.

Mega Monster Battle: Ultra Galaxy Legends The Movie

Alien Shaplay appears as a member of the Belial Army. He was sent by Ultraman Belial to prevent anyone from reaching the Spark Tower. Along with Bemstar, Dorako and Saramandora, Shaplay confronted Rei and Mirai. Shaplay was later blasted into ice by Shin Hayata when he arrived along with Dan Moroboshi.

Shaplay later appeared to confront the heroes again when they reached the Spark Tower, bringing along Black King to back him up. Rei sent out Gomora to hold them off while the three Ultras searched the Spark Tower. Shaplay later attacked them again but was shot off a cliff by Shin Hayata.

Ultraman X

Alien Shaplay appears alongside Alien Magma as a mercenary hired into the Guar Army by Gina. He was killed protecting Gina.

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