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Alien Slave Boss
he Alien Slave Boss is the leader of animalistic alien forces that enslaved Earth in the video game Duke Nukem: Land of the Babes, and is the final boss of the game. Interestingly the AlienCorps encountered in the game appear to be the same species as him.

The supreme alien leader, Slave Boss is the one who holds all babes as slaves and controls Earth. He is humanoid green alien with one eye who rides a floating machine in combat much like Dr. Proton in the first Duke Nukem Game. His appearance is somewhat similar to that of Cycloid Emperor, only a lot smaller and greenish, as if it had been mutated; the bosses flotation machine is armed with dual lasers, an RPG and a flamethrower. When Duke first meets him; he will be seen at the top of some sort of tower and after a brief conversation Duke will have to make his way to the top of the tower or as the Alien Slave Boss describes it "The Gauntlet". On the way up Duke will have to blast several enemies in each of the various rooms as he goes further up; other hazards include having to climb above a toxic river. Once at the top The Alien Slave Boss is very irritated to see that Duke Nukem is still alive and from there he flies past Duke into a nearby room. Duke follows him in and the final confrontation begins; there are four pillars that the player can use for cover as they would definitely need them to avoid being struck by the RPG etc. When his health is lowered to about 25% his RPG and Twin Laser Blaster are destroyed so it leaves him with only the flamethrower and at that point he's not really a threat as the player can easily keep their distance . Once Duke defeats him Duke returns to earth to repopulate it.

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