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Alien Tentacle Monster is creature from space. It appeared in small adult film about Asami Ogawa vs Alien Tentacle Monster.


This monster fell down on Earth, on the territory of China. When some scientists found it, he was inside of small meteorite. When one scientist was learning it, alien appeared as a small bug, but in the moment, he went inside of man, and possessed him. After possession, his head transformed in scary monster, except of body. Then, he came to female scientist, who was scared to see that monster, and in the moment, he started to rape her. When woman tired, she felll unconscious on the floor. After that, alien left man's body, he went inside of woman's body and possessed her.

Later on, Asami Ogawa appeared in the building, when she knew about that monster, but she didn't knew that her friends was possessed by monster, so Asami got trapped, and she was also raped by monster.  When Asami felll unconscious on the floor, alien left woman and possessed raped Asami Ogawa, and left the room.

Power and Abilities

  • Mind-controlling
  • Super tentacles


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