X (better known as Alien X) is the main antagonist of the Mexican animated sequel, Katy, Kiki, and Koko. He has the same eyes as Alien Y has. He has the ability to shoot lasers from his eyes.


  • Transforming into other creatures
  • Shooting lasers from his eyes.

Role in the film

X agrees with W, Y, and Z about the plan to capture other creatures. He sets out to transform into other creatures to avoid getting caught. First of all, he transformed into an ant in the ant colony. By doing so, all the other creatures of the forest were trying to find a new home, because of the invader's antics. He also transformed into Katy (as a butterfly) and tricked Grako the hawk (who is also the minor antagonist of the film).

After capturing many forest creatures, X turns into a balloon. Koko used a pin to pop him in balloon form. Although the animals cheered for Koko for popping him, X gets regenerated into a gigantic "octopus" alien. Koko used a harmonica to reflect his laser, then his own projectile hits him, then gets weakened. X, now weakened, returns to Outer Space with the W, Y, and Z.


Alien X has some transformations to impersonate forest creatures.