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Don't you know? Our son died!
~ One of two aliens in the church

Aliens are main villains of less-known, cancelled web series called Zayoby, later renamed into Żołnierze Przyszłości (Soldiers of the future.). Their motifs or origins are unknown, due to series cancellation.


  • Binokle/Gunman - one-eyed, child-sized, green aliens which have no feet. They bounce around, and they wield shotguns. They are by far, the biggest in numbers.
  • Sweaters - bulky aliens, with a very vulnerable, blue-colored body. They are covered with a bulletproof sweater. One of them, apparently has bullet allergy, and swells up when bullet hits him. They have mouth filled with disgustingly realistic human-like teeth. Their powers include invisibility, and they need to wear their sweaters, because not wearing them is considered disgusting among them.

    Gunman alien.

  • Jumping aliens - they resemble Gunmen, but they jump on a big hand. They can vomit acid, which can travel large distances. Their heads look like human butt.
  • Humanoids - they dress up like humans, and look like lizardmen. Only three appeared in series by far, including the general of alien forces which is dead, and his parents killed in church. General's father is an alcoholic apparently abuses his wife, and manipulates her by telling that he wont "give her a minette". Father's brother, and grandmother of General were mentioned too. During their discussion on funeral, General's feather mentioned that "...i never expected the priest to have a air gun", suggesting that grandmother of General was shot, presumably to death.


Aliens are shown to act almost human-like, having funerals, clothes, churches, priests and even culture. Some of them are wild and feral in nature, such as Jumping aliens. They also apparently believe in hell, because General's mother mentions it once. They are voiced mainly by series author, with the exception of gunmen having author's voice sped up and reversed, and Sweaters which shout parts of "HEYEAYEAYEAYEA" song, slowed down.



Series creator made a new episode, announcing reboot of series. It is unknown however, that it will reveal origins of aliens.

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