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Villain Overview

The Aliens are the main antagonists in Alien Shooter. A group of bio-engineered monsters of different species and color, they seek to conquer the planet and desire the destruction of humanity. After the appearance of another powerful and deadly alien species from Heralborax, those being the Kheraliens, they work together with humanity to stop the greater threat.


Mutant Frogs (Spawn Frogs)

Mutant Frogs, also known as Spawn Frogs, are the aliens that the player will usually see. They appear on the first level of the game. They appear to be quite small, having very weak attacks and health, but they are quite fast on land and water.

Multi-Armed Bipeds (Raptors)

The Multi-Armed Bipeds first appear in the third level. They appear to be humanoid reptilian shaped like creature. Their attacks are quite strong, while they have moderate health, but they are very slow. As you go on, from the sixth level, the bipeds would start carrying weapons and armor. Different bipeds would shot plasma and rockets.

Giant Spiders

These aliens are the most reflectively of all, meaning they appear quite a lot from the fifth level. They are the fastest aliens, moderate attacks, but quite low health than the others. Green colored spiders are melee attacker, as the others spit green glowing fluid that is quite deadly to the player.

Tank Rhinos

Rhinos appearance starts from the seventh level of the game, with armor on. These aliens are the strongest of all, having the strongest attack, and large health, but quite slow speed due to their size. Green rhinos shoot plasma, yellow shot plasma and lasers, red shot lasers and blue missiles, as the blue one only has no armor, but it shot lasers, blue missiles and it drops the magma cannon.

Mutant Dinosaurs

Mutant Dinosaurs first appearance on third episode. These dinosaur-like alien creature are quite big, large, fast moving, and quite stronger. They can easily break walls with their sharp claws. Their leader uses giant cannon on its back. Mutant Dinosaurs almost same and similar with Mutant Bitters in Alien Shooter 2. Despite both them and the Mutant Bitters look same and familiar, Mutant Dinosaurs don't have a self healing ability while the Mutant Bitters do. Mutant Dinosaurs are later seen again in Alien Shooter 2 as clones, helping the protagonist and Corporal Jane.

Acid Bats

These acid bats make their first appearance in the third episode. These bat-like alien creature are small, agile, and slightly weak. They attack the players by splitting an acid from their mouths. They later seen again in Alien Shooter 2 as members of families with Kheraliens.

Cyborg Minotaur

The Cyborg Minotaur is an exclusive boss only in Theseus: Return Of Hero. He has a very tall body and is very strong, but slightly slow due to his size. Unlike other alien creatures, his actual body is full covered in cyborg parts. He attacks players by spreading flames from his hand.

Queen Dragon

This dragon-like alien is the final boss in Theseus: Return Of Hero. She have six spider-like legs, a buffalo-like head, and reptilian skin on her body. Similar with the Alien Bloody Queens in Alien Shooter 2, she gives birth to little scarab boomer-like aliens. Unlike Bloody Queens, she never attacks the player, and instead becomes very weak after giving birth to her children. Similar with Cyborg Minotaur, she appears only in the final mission.

Michael the Monster

Michael is an alien exclusive to Alien Shooter 2: The Legends. He appears as a humanoid-looking alien, and is a passive member of the normally hostile aliens. He requests the player gives him parts, giving them a Bat Drone if done as a reward for trying to save his kind.


All species are colored differently. There are four different colors:


The green color resembles that the alien has very weak attacks, slow speed, and low health, meaning that the green colored aliens are the weakest.


The yellow color resembles that the alien has a normal attack, speed, and health.


Red color shows that the alien is quite strong, fast and has more health than an average. These type of alien served as either "Elites" or "Queens".


The blue color is the rarest color. Only one species of the aliens get blue. Giving one of each power of the strongest attacks, fastest speed, and extremely high health. They are sometimes referred to as the "Kings" or "Boss" of their groups.

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