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They've spotted us!
~ The Aliens

The Aliens are a pair of kidnapping spies that appear in the Cyanide and Happiness skit: "Alien".

The blue Alien is voiced by Mike Salcedo.


The skit begins with a little boy pointing to what appears to be a hispanic man wearing a sombrero. His mother punches him in the arm and tells him not to say that, but the camera zooms in on two aliens in the sombrero, panicking that they'd been found. They press a Botton and make their ship fly away, dragging the man across the ground. An after credits scene shows the aliens coming back and abdicating the child.


They have trunk-mouths, antenna with yellow spheres at the ends, wrinkly skin with folds around their necks, and eyes with eye-brows. One has blue skin with a silver ovular collar and a dark greenish-blue shirt wile the other has green skin with a silver ovular collar and a dark pink shirt.


Both of them seem to be very intelligent, being able to pilot their advanced technology. They also appear to enjoy taking place in spying, disguising themselves so that they can observe the Earth's people.



  • It is unknown if the man was apart of the ship or not, not having any reaction to being dragged by the ship.
  • The child's mother had no reaction while her son was being kidnapped.
  • The joke most likely being implied is that people from another country in a country that is not their own is called an "Alien".


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