Scout Commander Kit trying to fight One Eye.

Aliens are charactersin the graphic novel "Dinosaurs vs Aliens". They are a main villians of the story and willing to kill off the dinosaurs. It is unknown where they came from. 


Most of their origins is unknown, but it is confirmed they are looking for a new planet to take over. The migration went on for five generations, and over half their population haved died. However, it is unknown why they left their original planet.


Chapter 1

The story begins with a decreased alien corpse, named Commander Kit.  The aliens found him but it was figured out, he was already dead. They were never seen again until the end of chapter 1, with Scar looking up at the UFO.

Chapter 2

After landing, they send in drones to scan the dinosaurs and get data frim them. The drones were charging at a pterosaur flock. Some went too close to One Eye's children and the mother destroyed two of them. Another one was grabbed by One Eye before falling down the cliff. The drones were seen scanning Scar, Sailback, Big G, and the raptor bros. Then, it cuts to One Eye who destroys one of the drones.  All the remaining drones went back to the UFO leaving the dinosaurs confused. 

Chapter 3

They were seen walking out of a doorway for something, unknown. They walked on the ground scanning everything, attracting the dinosaurs. One picked up a flower before freezing it and keeping it. A snake was seen killed by Scout Commander Kit before picking up the mammal. He shows it to Shell the mammal before Scar came. Roke, the leader of the aliens, was able to kill him and send in robots to take his flesh. 

Before the dinosaurs can attack, the aliens started firing at the mighty reptiles. With fire everywhere, the dinosaurs retreated expect for one. He picked up Scar's triceratops skull and ran off with it. Leaving the trapped dinosaur, on the ground. The dinosaur was later tested and was killed, before scanning the mammal. A discussion was going on and they agreed to fight and kill off the dinosaurs.

Shell however disagrees and thinks they should coexist with them. Scout Commander kit was seen again looking at something off sight. At the final page, he was seen again. 


The Aliens and Dinosaurs will likely continue the war for domiance on the planet. But it's unknown who's going to win the war.


  • Intellgence: They were smart enough to head for Earth since it has life. Shell was intellgent enough to know that the dinosaurs were able to fight in wars. 
  • Technology: This helps them scare away the dinosaurs before they can attack. Aliens also used drones to scan data of the giant reptiles.