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Damnit, damnit, damnit!
~ One of the aliens whenever something goes wrong.

Aliens are recurring characters in the stop motion parody sketch comedy series Robot Chicken.

They are voiced by Breckin Meyer, Seth Green and Adam Talbott all of whom have also voiced other characters in the series.


Aliens first appear in the sketch "The Twist" from season one episode "S&M Present" where they borrow sugar from M. Night Shyamalan and invite him and his family to a party of theirs.

In "Where's Michael?" from the episode "Badunkadunk" it is revealed that they had abducted and replaced the original Michael Jackson with a white version in an attempt to take over the world. However, the original Michael manages to escape and confronts his replacement, leading to both versions being shot dead and foiling the aliens' plan.

In "Previously on Robot Chicken" from season two opener "Suck It", Seth Green, Fritz Hühnermörder and Robot Chicken are floating through space while trapped in Phantom Zone when the aliens accidentally destroy it with their spaceship, freeing them. Jackson can be seen frozen in carbonite in their ship, referencing their previous appearance and Star Wars.

In the two-part sketch "Alien Abduction Reversal" from the episode "1987", the aliens are abducted by a redneck.

In "Space Checkers" from "Cracked China", they invite a young checkers player to defeat enemies of theirs.

In "Alien Privacy" from "Rodiggiti", a woman finds one of the aliens using a pitstop, prompting him to ask for privacy.

In "Robot Chicken Sells Out" from "Adoption's an Option", one of the aliens is seen making a balloon animal at a child's birthday party when it suddenly explodes, making him yell "Damnit, damnit, damnit!". One child soon mimics this, much to the mother's joy.

In "Robot Chicken Telethon" from season two finale "Book of Corrine", one of the aliens is among those answering the phones alongside Fidel Castro, Six Million Peso Man, Humping Robot, Bloopers Host, Little Drummer Boy, Eagle Eye Smith, the Nerd, Hühnermörder and Robot Chicken. Like everyone else, he ends up shot after Matthew Senreich starts rampaging with his shotgun. He also appears in the recap at the beginning of "Seth's Revenge" from season three opener "Werewolf vs Unicorn" along with being briefly seen as a zombie chasing Senreich.

In "Greatest American Nerd" from "Yancy the Yo-Yo Boy", the aliens give the Nerd a special suit and an instruction manual to it, although the latter manages to knock himself unconscious while trying to use the suit before they give the manual. They return at the end of the sketch to collect both the suit and the manual after realizing that they gave them to the wrong person.

In "Unplanned Invasion" from "More Blood, More Chocolate", one of the aliens is seen trying to give the other a spaceship piloting lesson, causing inadvertent chaos in the process.

In "Smallville Crash Site" from season five episode "Catch Me If You Kangaroo Jack", they get brutally killed by Jonathan Kent after they crash their spaceship to Smallville.

In "The Rescue" from season five finale "Fight Club Paradise", the aliens appear among Hühnermörder's line of defenses, tasked with preventing Robot Chicken from saving his wife. The Chicken encounters them in the first set of stairs after killing Nicky Passion, Mockingbird, head of mission control and leprechaun, with one pouring the other one a drink. They are brutally killed by the bionic poultry.

In "A PR Nightmare" from season six episode "Disemboweled by an Orphan", the aliens are seen pondering why an abducted human being believes he will be probed. A flashback sequence reveals that one alien had actually probed a prior abductee.

In "Appeasing the God" from season six finale "Immortal", one of the aliens can seen among those locked up in glass cells. He can be spotted attacking Zombie Joss Whedon after the Nerd and Dana Polk turn a switch that opens the cells and a door leading to the next room.

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