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The Aliens are the main antagonists of the The Jackbox Party Pack game Push the Button. In Push the Button, the Aliens have infiltrated the spaceship and infected the crew's guide with a virus that will cause its deletion. Their main goal is to avoid suspicion until time runs out, or wait until one of the crew members makes a mistake of sending one of the human crew members into space. After that, they take over the ship and send all of the humans in space to suffocate.


The Aliens are a cunning and intelligent group. They are smart enough to disguise themselves as humans and they are able to hack and give humans prompts assigned to the aliens themselves and give their teammates the human prompt. However, they must justify their answers and fail the bioscanner test to avoid suspicion.


  • The Aliens are the second main Jackbox villains, the first being the Trivia Murder Party Host.
  • However, The Aliens are the first playable Jackbox villians.
  • The Aliens will know who exactly are their fellow aliens, leaving the human crew at a disadvantage.

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