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Ah... My most darling Doppel... The proof that Magical Girls can be freed. A whole new power given to Magical Girls... Ah ha ha ha! I will craft you all into such beautiful pieces of art! Sure, you won't be my best work... But I will make you beautiful! You'll be fantastico when I'm done! I expect you all to thank me when you die.
~ Alina Gray
And yet I, Alina, am well aware of how they crave destruction, even if unconsciously. They seek out dark fiction to sate their need to feel. History is rife with bloody battles and yet we have not stopped developing weapons. Quite the opposite, actually! Some even rejoice each time a conflict is created. The environment is on the brink, yet they cannot stop gorging on its bounty. They wait in anticipation of destruction and refuse to lower their quality of life. No animal in existence revels in the carnage of its own kind like humanity. In fact, humans who eliminate vast numbers of other humans are made into heroes. The more I think on it, the stronger my belief that humans desire their own destruction becomes. This is why destruction in itself is a work of art that draws people in subconsciously. And that is also the reason people value my artwork so highly.
~ Alina Gray

Alina Gray is a major antagonist of the mobile game and anime series Magia Record: Puella Magi Madoka Magica Side Story. She is one of the three leaders of the Wings of Magius, an organization which seeks to prevents Magical Girls from becoming Witches.

She is voiced in Japanese by Ayana Taketatsu and in the English dub by Cherami Leigh.


Alina Gray has long straight green hair with a yellow highlight on her right parting and turquoise eyes. In her magical girl outfit she wears a black-and-gold peaked cap with a green gemstone in the center, a shirt collar and black-and-gold ribbon tie holding her soul gem at the front, a military-esque black tunic with white short sleeves and a skirt with black and rainbow-colored streaks, black boots and fishnet stockings.

In her school uniform Alina wears a white and brown shirt, a red ribbon, a brown tartan skirt and a brown satchel containing equipment for creating art.


Alina Gray is an artistic prodigy with an unstable and psychotic personality, possessing a disturbed fascination with death brought on by the death of her grandparents and dog as a child. In normal life, she is irritable, aloof and anti-social, disliking the company of others and the fame brought on by her talents. The only person she consistently interacts with is her artistic protégé Karin, who she describes as a "idiota" (or a "fool girl" in the original Japanese), due to the latter's persistence in trying to befriend and obtain advice from Alina. Despite her cold attitude, it is implied that she genuinely cares for Karin deep down, taking the time to read her manga despite considering it to be frivolous.

As a magical girl, her personality changes to become manic and sadistic in combat or whenever in situations involving her pet fascinations of death and witches, the latter of which she considers to be works of art. Alina is prone to becoming enraged and even more violently homicidal if situations fail to go according to her plans or if her "artwork" is damaged or destroyed, at one point swearing revenge on Felicia for the latter and becoming obsessed with burning her hair as a way of symbolising her desire to completely wipe Felicia from the world.

In Holy Alina's Magical Girl Story, Alina Gray, learning of the Freudian concept of the death drive from Touka, became convinced that the popularity of her artwork was the result of humanity subconsciously sharing her fascination with death and desiring its own destruction. As a result of this idea Alina attempted to take control of Eve and destroy the world in the final chapter of the game, believing that her actions would create an artistic masterpiece.


  • The design of Alina's magical girl outfit, along with those of fellow Magius members Nemu Hiiragi and Touka Satomi, are themed around a prison, with Alina's peaked cap representing the warden.


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