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You know, I believe death should be repulsive, so we don't grow too fond of it.
~ Alistair Pratt

Alistair Pratt is the main antagonist of the 2002 horror film FearDotCom.

He was portrayed by Stephen Rea.


Alistair Pratt is a notorious mad doctor and serial killer with nihilistic views of life, believing that nothing valuable comes from life and only death is the absolute thing. To research his concepts of life and death, he kidnaps women across various abandoned locations and imprisons them in his lab, where he snuff films himself torturing them through scientific measures for days on end until they beckon for death. He is first seen early in the film under a disguise, stalking a woman with a camera. At the cinema lobby, he asks her to assist him in helping him find something. Once behind the building, he makes her unconscious and drags her to his hidden lab. During torturing the woman, Alistair coldly gloats about his "philosophy" of helping humanity by bringing death to people.

From a cursed website called "", a ghost named Jeannine Richardson, who was one of Alistair's first victims, torments every user who logs on the site in finding her within 48 hours, otherwise, they will be killed by what they fear the most. Her motive is revenge on the people who watched her suffer for two days and did nothing to help her.

Through both the site and multiple clues about both Jeannine and the other women Alistair tortured to death, NYPD detective Mike Reilly and researcher Terry Huston track the mad scientist in his lab, about to bring death to his latest victim. Grabbing his victim and using her as a meat shield, he taunts Mike that no backup will be coming by showing him the mutilated corpse of a cop. He then fatally shoots Mike and attacks Terry, fully interested to torture her to death as well. Fortunately, Mike is able to limb over to one of Alistair's computers and logs on to This causes some type of distortion in Alistair's lab that causes Alistair to find himself in a different dimension within his computer monitor. Jeannine and the ghosts of Alistair's other victims appear and have their revenge by ripping Alistair to shreds.