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General Alister Azimuth. Four-Bolt Magistrate of the Lombax Praetorian Guard. Elder Councilman for the Center for Advanced Lombax Research. And you, my dear boy, look just like your father.
~ Alister introducing himself to Ratchet.
Alister: You hear that? In a few moments, we will be able to prevent the greatest injustice in Lombax history!
Ratchet: I can't let you do this!
Alister: You don't have a choice!
Ratchet: So you're just going to kill me?
Alister: Kill you now, save you in the past!
~ Alister while fighting Ratchet.
Take care of yourself, Ratchet.
~ Alister's final words while redeeming himself.

Alister Azimuth is the tritagonist and final antagonist of Ratchet & Clank Future: A Crack In Time. Formerly a revered Lombax leader, he was banished from his clan for giving lombax technology to Emperor Percival Tachyon, who would one day become Polaris Galaxy's ruler. It became Azimuth's goal to seek the Great Clock and change the past to save the Lombaxes from destruction.

He was voiced by Joey D'Auria.



Alister possessed the normal feline-like traits of other lombaxes, though was much taller and muscular in build compared to Ratchet. He had light gray fur with red-brown stripes, thick black eyebrows, a red-brown nose, and brown eyes with yellow sclera. The fur on the sides of his jaw also resembled a short beard. He wears dark brown and black Praetorian Guard armor with plates on the shoulders and chest. The chest plate in particular had a symbol which somewhat resembled the one on Orvus' head.


Azimuth was a hardened war veteran and a powerful fighter who could backflip and jump distances Ratchet would not be able to cross without a Meteor Pad or versa-target. His hoverboots were far superior to Ratchet's, enabling greater speed and farther jumps. His close-combat skills combined with his Praetorian OmniWrench made him a deadly adversary, and he was also able to attack from long distances with energy blasts from his wrench.


Azimuth was a leader of the lombax race and led their armies against the cragmite scourge that threatened the galaxy. Although the lombaxes won, the galaxy had been devastated by the war. Seeking new means and methods to restore the galaxy to its former glory, Azimuth granted audience to a talented inventor (whom Azimuth's best friend Kaden warned should not be trusted) and was fascinated by this inventor's ideas for advanced technology.

Despite Kaden's warning, Azimuth convinced himself this was best for the galaxy, and granted the inventor, Percival Tachyon, full access to the lombaxes' technology. Tachyon exploited Azimuth's trust (and arrogance) and used the technology to create new weapons to exterminate the lombaxes out of revenge for how their race had destroyed his own, the cragmites.

Using a device called the Dimensionator, the lombaxes opened a rift to another dimension in order to escape Tachyon's atrocities, but for his part in enabling all of this, Azimuth was forbidden from joining the lombax exodus to another universe. Azimuth was even more disheartened to learn that his best friend Kaden and his wife were personally murdered by Tachyon himself, but never knew Kaden's son, Ratchet, had survived. Full of remorse and wishing to undo his mistakes, Azimuth became fixated for years on a mysterious device known as the Great Clock, convinced he could use it to change the past and prevent what had happened.

For years, he obsessed over this idea, seeking out clues and relics that could lead him to the Great Clock. Throughout he would rebel against Dr. Nefarious's and Lord Vorselon's rise to power in the Polaris Galaxy. Eventually, he would encounter Ratchet personally. Out of paranoia, Azimuth believed this was an assassin in disguise sent to kill him. After leading his pursuer on a violent chase, Azimuth got a close look at him and was astounded to recognize this lombax was this spitting image of his father, Kaden.

With Ratchet's help, Azimuth's dedication to find the Great Clock was heightened and they pursued more clues while fighting the minions of Dr. Nefarious in a race to get to the Clock and take control of it. When they reunited with Ratchet's best friend Clank, Clank explained that misuse of the Clock could destroy the universe, in response to Azimuth's desire to commandeer it in the name of the lombaxes. Ratchet was convinced by Clank's words, which disappointed Azimuth that he went his own way. When the duo is in imminent danger of the Nefarious Space Station exploding, Alister returns to extract them. Clank led them to the Clock where he intended to assume his role as its Senior Caretaker.

Despite what he had been told, Azimuth's obsession with changing the past and Ratchet's refusal to aid him further in that goal rose Azimuth's ire that in a fit of rage he murdered Ratchet; his years of guilt caused the elder lombax to snap. Clank, with his assistant Sigmund's help, got to the Orvus Chamber and locked Azimuth out. Remembering the words of the Plumber, Clank used the Clock to turn back time up to six minutes - right before Azimuth launched the energy bolt that killed Ratchet.

Clank saved Ratchet but this time around Azimuth was able to enter the Orvus Chamber and attempted to turn back time while he fought Ratchet off, even stating he was willing to kill Ratchet to succeed, saying he would save Ratchet in the past. It soon became obvious that Azimuth's attempt to reverse time wasn't working - because the Clock was not a time machine; it was designed not to change time but to keep it. Realizing his folly, Azimuth sacrificed himself to prevent the Clock's malfunctions from destroying the universe; his wrench and old watch (which held a picture of himself and Kaden inside) were acquired by Ratchet as a keepsake of his mentor.



  • Despite Azimuth being the final boss, the Big Bad of the game is still Dr. Nefarious.
  • Alister is the first antagonist to actually kill Ratchet before Clank reverted the time to save him.
  • Alister serves as a dark counterpart to Ratchet. He represents of what Ratchet could've become if he didn't have someone who serves as a voice of reason and let his selfish desires consume him.

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