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Villain Overview

I don't think so. Because I am here.
~ All For One's slogan.
This impending void era will give rise to a more perfect demon lord. This will be the story of how I become the greatest demon lord of all!
~ All For One's desire to be a Symbol of Evil.

All For One (in Japanese: オール・フォー・ワン, Ōru Fō Wan), also known as Sensei (in Japanese: 先生, Sensei) is the overarching antagonist of the My Hero Academia franchise. He is the archenemy of All Might and Izuku Midoriya.

He is a mysterious man with a completely deformed face which he had suffered in battle and was defeated by the hero All Might. He is the founder and benefactor of the League of Villains with Tomura as his successor. After his defeat, All For One was imprisoned, and Tomura took his place as the leader of the League.

Following the war between the heroes and the Paranormal Liberation Front, however, All For One managed to break free from his imprisonment and sets out to fully expand his army of villains once more. He spends the remainder of the series targeting Izuku, hellbent on destroying him to complete his centuries-long plan of stealing One For All.

He is voiced by Akio Ōtsuka in the Japanese version of the anime, and John Swasey in the English dubbed version, who also voiced Crocodile and Hakumen no Mono. In the Korean Dub, he is voiced by Eung-Sik Min, who also voiced Ryuk from Death Note and Evolt from Kamen Rider Build.


In the past, All For One appeared as a normal young man with a notable suit and short, white hair. However, his face is not shown completely.

After his crushing defeat, he appears completely different than before. His face is heavily deformed with a scar tissue from his upper lip to the back of his head and neck, resulting in his loss of eyesight. He also has two tubes connected to his throat which allows him to breathe.

When battling the pro heroes and All Might, All For One wore a mask with a skull-like structure that acts as a life support system.


All For One is shown to be a manipulative, mysterious, and sinister individual. He is able to create complex and elaborate plans in a little matter of time and then orders Tomura to fulfil them. He is a psychopathic individual with twisted ideals and does whatever it take to spread his influence across Japan, whether it'd be through manipulation and exploiting others for the sake of benefiting himself. Because of his sheer power and genius intellect, he is confident in himself and is capable of executing his plans successfully.

He does not believe in justice or morality because he claims they don't adhere to reality. Furthermore, he justifies all of the lives that he's taken as necessary for restoring the broken society that arose when quirks first arrived. His power and intimidation are enough to make many people tremble with fear, and when Class 1-A students saw him, they were all terrified, some of them forming tears of fear and causing them to have visions of their own deaths.

He is also a calm and even-tempered individual, even in the worst situations. He is perfectly fine with dispensing several Nomus for Tomura, and when he discovered that the Nomu designed to kill All Might was taken into custody, he was not angered whatsoever, simply saying that it couldn't be helped. He rarely ever shows his fury, although he loathes All Might for crippling him and taking his powers. When he was defeated by All Might, not only did he show no sign of anger and frustration, but he was happy and assured himself that he won by destroying the meaning of "Symbol of Peace". He was also not angry nor disappointed with Tomura's failure, as he assured him that he will be able to try again with the Vanguard Action Squad at his side.

Despite his power-hungry, ruthless, and manipulative personality, All for One does appear to harbor some form of affection for Tomura. Although he picked him off the streets due to his lineage to Nana Shimura, he still supported him when no one else would, guiding him and constantly lending his support and resources, regardless of the losses that resulted. Even when Tomura failed, All for One assured him that he would try again and mature to be a more successful villain, reaching his hand out and offering his continued assistance.

It appears that his relationship with Tomura isn't truly genuine however, as All For One would later appear as an illusional vestige in Tomura's memories and attempt to take control of his body, so that he may take back One For All from Izuku Midoriya. All For One didn't show a forced attempt to do so however, even when Tomura resisted his will and actually cheered Tomura on when he resisted, even telling Tomura to retreat to let his body heal. Despite this, he would later get another chance and succeed in taking over Tomura's body, intending to use him in order to free himself from prison. In the end, it seems apparent that All For One sees Tomura as nothing but a pawn for him to control and manipulate, and that those years he spent raising him were essentially for him to gain control of a stronger and more powerful body. Even so, All For One sees Tomura as more than a mere pawn, as he claims he's someone very dear to him. He still harbours respect for him, as he intends to fulfill both of their wishes of becoming the symbol of evil.

Additionally, he appeared to have a twisted sense of love for his little brother, Yoichi, who tried to rebel against him and despised his tyranny and the methods he used to gain power. Instead of killing Yoichi when he rebelled, he imprisoned him and tried to convince him to change, actually giving a quirk to his little brother out of pity and kindness to make him more powerful (even making sure Yoichi's frail body would be able to handle the quirk). It's implied that, aside from power, his obsession with stealing One For All is an extension of the twisted love he holds for his little brother, shown by All For One, while taking Shigaraki's body, affectionately calling Deku "little brother".

Outside of this, All For One is shown to treat his followers with respect, most notably one of his loyal ones Daruma Ujiko, due to being him the only one to respect the doctor's research. All For One was even shown thanking the doctor from the bottom of his heart and calling him a friend. He also stated during his fight with All Might that he hated him for bringing down his comrades in the past, and went out of his way to ensure the League of Villains escaped safely when the heroes attacked.

Despite all of this however, it's likely that this could be a case of All For One earning the trust of his followers by manipulating them to his side as he had done so in the past, in which Yoichi called him out on it. This becomes more apparent when he allows villains like Muscular to do as they please and yet show no signs of remorse over their recapture, as well as make false promises to those that want achieve their goals such as Lady Nagant, when in reality he's merely using them to his own liking. He is also unrepentant, having blamed all of his actions on those who assist him, despite him being the one who manipulates or forces them into enacting his will through false promises or threats.

Perhaps All For One’s most dangerous trait is his indistinct behavior. While he’s clearly evil, he can easily come across as convincingly genuine and altruistic while hiding his true motives and intentions underneath. This makes him very hard to read, while his great knowledge and insight allows him to effortlessly manipulate others for his own gain. On top of this, All For One appears to have a very strong obsession with obtaining his brother Yoichi's Quirk, One For All, and in addition, all the Quirks he can get his hands on. This is shown with him admitting on having a bad habit of stealing and storing Quirks, even if he has no real need for them. All For One also admitted that once he sees a powerful Quirk (such as Ragdoll's Search) he can't help but want it for himself.

Despite his evil nature, All For One does explain that he frequently sees his victims who he stole Quirks from in his nightmares, where they appear and throw slur and insults at him. All For One does admit that these dreams tend to leave him feeling discouraged, which signifies that he is at least capable of feeling some form of penitence towards his victims. At the same time though, he scoffs at the thought of him being capable of such feelings, as it pairs him with ordinary humans who are capable of feeling guilt for their wrong doings, showing just how highly he views himself.

All For One encourages Tomura's hatred, even when the latter begins to despise him for treating him as a vessel, as it is a key factor in allowing them to steal One For All. It is believed that All For One lacks hatred strong enough for said purpose, and is unable to manifest any himself. This is likely due to his extreme psychopathy, and his inability to form strong emotional attachments as he lacks the empathy that is necessary, and only knows how to exploit the emotions of others for his own gain. While All For One does showcase anger and hatred towards those such as All Might or Star and Stripe, such emotions from him are very rare and fleeting, further backing that his calmness is due to feeling nothing at all except his own wicked contentment, which is why he is almost always seen smiling.

Powers and Abilities

The destructive nature of All For One.

All For One is arguably the most powerful villain in the series. Because of his tremendous strength and power, he was able to rule Japan through fear and tyranny and submit people to his will by using his power. His status as the iconic Symbol of Evil was feared by so many that information regarding him would be kept in secret so that the future would never have to learn the dark ages of Quirks. The only people that have been able to stand a chance against him are the users of One For All, and even then, it took eight successors until the quirk was finally strong enough to defeat All for One.

His sinister evil has influenced even villains outside of the League of Villains that would either take on the opportunity to become the next ruler of the underworld and destroy the current society of Quirks. Notable examples are Stain, Kai Chisaki and Lady Nagant.


  • All For One (in Japanese: オール・フォー・ワン, Ōru Fō Wan): All For One allows him to steal people's Quirks and renders them his own. He can even combine his stolen Quirks to create destructive attacks. This Quirk also allows him to grant Quirks to others. Overall, he has stolen a variety of Quirks with his ability, including:
    • Search (in Japanese: サーチ, Sāchi): All For One can observe and monitor up to 100 people at a time, including their location and weak points. This Quirk was stolen from the pro hero, Ragdoll.
    • Warping (in Japanese: 転送, Tensō): Similar to Kurogiri's Warp Gate, All For One is capable of producing black liquids that acts a portals. He is capable of producing multiple black liquid portals, as shown when he was transporting many Nomus into the League of Villains' hideout. This Quirk has its limits, however, as it can only warp things, depending on his location, or if he focuses, the location of someone he's acquainted with, and only works if it is used on someone he shares a close relationship with.
    • Air Cannon (in Japanese: 空気を押し出す, Kūki o Oshidasu): All For One is capable of releasing an air shockwave from his arms. This Quirk's power can also be increased by combining it with other power-up Quirks, such as Musculoskeletal Coiling.
    • Forcible Quirk Activation (in Japanese: 個性強制発動, Kosei Kyōsei Hatsudō): All For One is capable of forcefully activating someone's Quirk against their will, regardless of being conscious or not. He pulls this off by creating vein-like appendages from his fingers, which then attach to a target and activate their Quirk. This was demonstrated on Kurogiri, where All For One activated his Warp Gate and make him create a portal.
    • Impact Recoil (in Japanese: 衝撃反転, Shōgeki Hanten): All For One is capable of reflecting the impact of an attack back at its attacker.
    • Infrared Ray (in Japanese: 赤外線, Sekigaisen): This Quirk allows All For One sense his surroundings, as well as see through his blindness. However, he has very limited time when using this Quirk.
    • Air Walk (in Japanese: エアウォーク, Eawōku): This Quirk allows All For One to levitate in mid air.
    • Life Force: According to All Might, All For One gained a longevity Quirk that allows him to live for long periods of time, making him practically immortal. This Quirk is later revealed to be the original Life Force Quirk that was passed onto him by Daruma Ujiko.
    • Musculoskeletal Coiling (in Japanese: 筋骨発条化, Kinkotsu Hatsujō-ka): This Quirk increases All For One's physical prowess, as well as increase the power of his other Quirks.
    • Proliferation (in Japanese: 増殖, Zōshoku): All For One uses this Quirk to create multiple arms for him.
    • Hypertrophy (in Japanese: 肥大化, Hidaika): All For One uses this Quirk to increase the size of his arm.
    • Rivet (in Japanese: 鋲, Byō): This Quirk creates rivet-like-growths on All For One's arm.
    • Bonespear (in Japanese: 槍骨, Sōkotsu): This Quirk creates drill-like bone structures on All For One's arm.
  • Possession: It's revealed that All For One gives the current user a mental link with the previous ones, due to their psyche having been imprinted onto the Quirk. As a result, Tomura begins displaying his master's personality traits upon receiving the Quirk (recognizing his "Little Brother") and can speak to him inside a mysterious realm within his mind, similar to One For All. If he is able to extend his will enough, All For One can even take control over Tomura's body; albeit temporarily.

Former Quirks

  • Navel Laser (ネビルレーザー Nebiru Rēzā): This Quirk allows the user to project twinkling laser beams from their navel. This Quirk was given to Yuga Aoyama.


  • Genius Intellect: All For One has shown to possess a high degree of intelligence. Being the true mastermind behind the league, he has also been the one that's been plotting against the heroes. He also seems to have knowledge of the Quirks that he's stolen, as shown when explaining the advantages/disadvantages of his Transmission Quirk. Due to this, this allows him to use his Quirk in creative ways, as means for creating disastrous attacks. In addition, he also shows a high proficiency for psychological and guerrilla warfare, as seen by him mentally taunting All Might to the point of drawing out the No. 1 Hero's rage and despair.
  • Charisma: Combined with his very high intelligence and power, as well as his normally calm and controlled disposition. All For One had a great amount of charisma and managed to rally dozens of people to join his cause and aid in his tyranny.
  • Manipulation: All For One was capable of rallying followers through persuasion, manipulation and exploitation as well. With his ability to take and give quirks, he manipulated many to become his pawns to where he eventually gained rule over all of Japan.
  • Fear Inducement: His appearance in the Hideout Raid Arc showed that All For One's mere presence is capable of instilling a paralyzing fear into others. While there, his presence caused Izuku Midoriya, Tenya Iida, Shoto Todoroki, Eijiro Kirishima and Momo Yaoyorozu to all freeze up and have visions of their own deaths.
  • Immense Strength: All For One possesses a massive degree of super strength, as he is capable of easily sending All Might flying through buildings with just his bare hands. Because of this, it took all of All Might's power to defeat him a second time.
  • Immense Speed: All For One is extremely fast, as shown when he defeated the Pro Heroes in the League of Villains' warehouse in just a split second.
  • Immense Durability: All For One has shown to possess a extreme amount of durability. He was able to tank many hard blows from All Might, as well as survive his finishing move, United States of Smash.
  • Enhanced Senses: Despite losing his eyesight, All For One is able to sense his surroundings through sound, due to his hearing. He can also sense vibrations in the air.

Overall, All For One is an extremely cunning and powerful villain. In his prime, he was able to reduce All Might's usage of One For All by leaving a massive, scarred wound below his chest. Despite his own mortal injuries received in his battle with All Might, he still shows his immense power and strength, as well as high tactical knowledge. He is also capable of going against and taking down other Pro Heroes with relative ease.


Kurogiri, you and I may be what the good little citizens and politicians call villains, but what is a villain, really? The term is far too emotionally charged to simply describe a certain class of criminal, wouldn't you say? If that were all, why not just say "quirk criminal" and be done with it? I believe that concept should be defined by a particular relationship between a person's will and their quirk. When that quirk and that will support each other to create a firm bedrock of resolve, well, those people are called heroes. But when an extremely violent will stimulates a quirk into running amok, or on the flip side, when an unruly quirk twists a person's will to its own ends, that disparity creates a dangerous imbalance. Unstable characters like that deviate from their pigeonholes in society and threaten to destroy the entire framework. As such, that sort of logical evil or enemy of society is shunned and scorned as a villain. Basically, forcing a person's quirk to rage out of control or otherwise flipping their quirks around destroys that balance, letting me turn anyone into a villain.
~ All For One explaining what a villain is in society.
Thank you truly, for this amusing farce.
~ All For One before killing Nana Shimura.
I hope you're celebrating while you can All Might. Because very soon, this temporary peace will come to a violent end.
~ All For One's debut.
You've failed again, Tomura. But you mustn't lose heart. There will be more chances to set things right. That's why I've brought along your little band. And the boy… because you determined that he is an important pawn. So go and try again. That's what I'm here to help you to do. It's… all… for you.
~ All For One to Tomura Shigaraki.
You have so much in common with Nana Shimura. The utter waste of a human who passed One For All on to you. A woman with no skill and grand ideas she couldn't live up to. How embarrassing for me, the creator of One For All to see her wield the power. And the way she died was so pathetic.
~ All For One provoking All Might
You know All Might, as much as you hate me, I think I probably loathe you more. I killed your master, sure, but you took away so much from me. Everything I tried to build. That's why I want you to suffer until your last breath and to die broken in disgrace FOR ALL THE WORLD TO SEE! I will obliterate everything that you've protected!
~ All For One stating his hatred for All Might.
Well well, that's strange All Might. Where is your smile now? How very entertaining. I believe I've taken a piece of you after all.
~ All For One taunting All Might.
How pointless. Let's stop dwelling on heroism and start focusing on reality…the shock waves until now were simply to wear you out. I knew it would take much more than that to kill you. In order to put you down for good, I'll punch you with the ultimate combination of Quirks I have stored up within me right now. This will end you.
~ All For One preparing to kill All Might.
Izuku Midoriya, he's the child you've passed One For All too isn't he? I bet he came here without your asking. You have no control over him, do you? It sounds it though you'll die full of regrets All Might. As a hero and as a teacher.
~ All For One mocking All Might before punching him.
We are the same though you'd never admit it. Just as you longed to become the hero of justice. I longed to be an all-powerful devil.
~ All For One talking to All Might after being imprisoned.
You... stay in there! Don't be like that, Tomura... Besides I clearly had to lend you my strength. You nearly burned to cinders, and even after surviving that, you would have plummeted to your death.
~ All For One wrestling with Tomura for control within his mind.
Heart is power… and the more fiercely he embraces that source in his heart, the more my consciousness takes hold in our little symbiotic relationship. Never let that hatred die, Tomura.
~ All For One taking control of Tomura's body.
Why do they assume tomorrow will come for them? No, I won't grant them a moment's rest. Because it's my turn now, and my turn will never end. Hear me, my tireless Nomu. It's time to free my real body.
~ All For One ordering his Nomu to invade Tartarus
All For One: You spat upon the world that didn't so much as extend you a helping hand… and you desired the strength to make good on your hatred. This is a result of your powerful will. You brought this all about, and isn't that what really matters?
Tomura: I won't be your stinkin' pawn!
All For One: Pawn? You have it all wrong, Tomura! You're so very near and dear to me… after all, you're the next me.
~ All For One talks about his villainous ambition for Tomura.
The soul is far too fickle, which is why I added a failure clause to your contract. To the very end, you were just a tool to be used. Curse your blessing of a Quirk, if you must. Alas, the hapless, woeful Lady Nagant…
~ All For One betraying Lady Nagant.
Did you enjoy your Q&A session with Lady Nagant? Well, Izuku Midoriya? Because if you're seeing this message, that must have been what happened. You see, I love predicting and reading people. And a boy like you… could never outright abandon someone like her, yes? I didn't force her, you know. She acted on her own free will. But those poor souls who stumble on the road of life are labeled villains. People go on about preaching the merits of individualism… but ours is a regimented society under tight control. One where the wrong sort of individuality gets you ostracized. Purged. Democracy? Socialism? Doesn't matter. There are no exceptions because the root of all this predates the concept of human society altogether. It's the principle that governs all social organisms. The path you've chosen is a thorny one. Every battle grinds away at your soul with no end in sight. Can you guess who was on my mind the entire time I was in jail? You. All Might no longer interests me. I've moved on from that great useless oaf. Now, it's your turn!
~ All For One's message to Izuku.
All For One: As originally planned, you were intended to become me entirely after two months of recuperation. But what a firecracker you are, Tomura. Your sheer hatred! Your drive for destruction! The doctor and I had our expectations, and you rose up to blow them away! Percentage-wise, I'd say 97? Perhaps 98? No longer All For One… nor Tomura Shigaraki… We now meld into a new person altogether!
Tomura: Nooo!
All For One: Not in favor, are you? Well, I sure am!! Do you detest me?! Let that rage flow! Your hatred delivers us to our glorious future! It began in that house… with a grain of hate… that grew and built upon itself.
~ All For One reveals his plan to merge with Tomura's body.


The Power of All For One by Yuki Hayashi


  • All For One's relationship with Tomura Shigaraki was identical to All Might's relationship with Izuku Midoriya. Like All Might, All For One believes that Tomura Shigaraki will not only become a great successor of the League of Villains, but a great villain in general. He also acknowledges Tomura's childish nature, leaving room for him to teach him how to become a villain. He also shows a caring side for him, as he assured that Tomura will always be able to learn from his failures.
    • Because of this, Tomura Shigaraki looks up to All For One as his ideal mentor and inspirational figure, like how Izuku Midoriya looks up to All Might.
    • Despite his childlike behavior, it seems to be implied that All For One admires Tomura's personality in an odd way. When he defeated Best Jeanist, he refuses to take away his Quirk, as he believes that "it wouldn't fit Tomura's personality".
    • As the series progresses, their relationships begin to clearly contrast each other: All Might retired from heroism and dedicated his life to mentoring Izuku, while All For One forced his ambition onto Tomura and literally took control of him, causing conflict due to their differing villainous end goals.
  • All For One's name is clearly an antithesis of the name of All Might's Quirk, "One For All". While "One For All" is a Quirk that essentially grants others amazing powers and abilities, "All For One" takes all of these powers and abilities for just one person only, showing the selfish and arrogant side of All For One himself.
  • All For One is the first villain in the series to be named after his own Quirk, the second being Overhaul.
  • All For One's mask, life support system and dark clothing is similar to Darth Vader's appearance.
  • It is later revealed that All For One's Quirk works similar to One For All in that it contains the consciousness and vestige of those that previously wielded the Quirk. Unlike One For All, however, it currently contains only All For One's vestige and rather than empowering and granting the current wielder access to their other Quirks, the vestige of All For One seeks to corrupt and take control over the current wielder's body by fuelling and manipulating with their negative emotions.

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