Allan Thompson is the secondary antagonist of the TIntin comic book series and the arch-enemy and former first mate of Captain Haddock. He was portrayed by Daniel Mays in Secret of the Unicorn movie.


Comics and TV-series

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Allan is still depicted as the first mate on the Karaboudjan but is a lackey of Ivan Ivanovitch Sakharine instead of Rastapopolous or Omar Ben Salaad. He is one of the men who pose as delivery men to capture Tintin. Once Tintin is on the ship, Allan, along with Tom, search for the scrolls on the young journalist. As they leave, Allan shuts the door but doesn’t catch Snowy sneaking in on the ship. Later, Allan is one of the men who blow open the door with to the hold with TNT, only to be met with a spray of corks from the wine inside the hold.
Afterwards, he is confronted by Sakharine, who tells him to kill Tintin but let Haddock live. Later, Allan is seen in the radio room with Tom and is one of the men shooting at Tintin as the journalist flees the ship. Once Tintin and Captain Haddock fall into the sea with the lifeboat, Allan tells one of his men to turn the ship around. Despite his efforts, which include hitting a lifeboat with the ship, Tintin and Haddock escape.
Later, in Bagghar, Allan sneaks up on Haddock outside of the palace, as Tom distracts him, and knocks him out with a bottle of alcohol. He takes the scrolls back to Sakharine and shoots at Tintin as he and Haddock, who recovers from the hit, pursue them. After a city wide chase, resulting in Haddock’s capture, Allan and Tom throw Haddock into the harbor at Sakharine's command. In the finale, Allan tries to stop Haddock with his pistol from delivering Sakharine to the cops. After a brief fight, Haddock throws him out of the crane's cabin. Allan falls and lands in the bed of a pickup truck, and is assumedly caught and is arrested with the rest of the crew.


  • In Flight 714 he gets beaten up by the Sondonesians and loses his teeth. But in the TV episode he does not lose his teeth and is not beaten up.