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These monitors track and display all bad deeds around the Earth, and if I see something bad, I destroy it, so the Earth can be good.
~ Allen describing his duties.

Allen is the titular antagonist of the two-part episode from Aqua Teen Hunger Force. He is a pink alien who destroys people that do dishonorable choices such as smoking and profanity.

He was voiced by Matt Berry, who also voices the Butt Witch in Twelve Forever.


Early life

Allen was good friends with Tommy, who caused quite a trigger for Allen's father. Tommy did tons of wrong actions and blamed it on Allen, which had never done them. As a punishment, Allen's father made Allen the protector of the world.

Ruler of Earth

Allen had killed tons of people that have been using profanity, supporting abortion, using violence and other bad habits in his future.

Final Moments and Death

Allen met Master Shake, whom he considered very naughty due to his actions over the years, such as his abuse towards Meatwad. He was distracted by both Meatwad and Frylock, who used fake and completely offensive profanity, respectively. Allen got a call from his father that he burned his father's house, when it turns out it was actually Tommy. Allen was killed by a lightning bolt sent from Shake.


Allen has a very harsh distaste in bad behavior such as profanity, violence and smoking since his friend Tommy had done it. He has a British accent, which highlights his personality, even though he slips some words.


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