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Allen Mack is a minor character in Fallout 3, serving as the antagonist of the "Trouble on the Homefront" quest. Following the death of Amata's father, he becomes the new Overseer of Vault 101 and has become an oppressive and power-crazed tyrant, but only if Amata's father is killed during the prologue. Otherwise, then Amata's father will be the main antagonist instead.


During the quest "Escape!", he can be seen pounding on a window, blaming the Lone Wanderer for their father's disappearance, and telling the guards not to let them get away, but the Lone Wanderer successfully escapes the Vault. If the original Overseer was killed in the prologue, then Officer Mack will become the new Vault 101 Overseer; otherwise, then the current Overseer will maintain his position and standing.

If Officer Mack becomes the new Overseer

Amata sends the Lone Wanderer a distress signal telling him that the new Overseer is "insane" and wants to keep Vault 101 permanently sealed. When the Lone Wanderer returns to the vault, it is engulfed in chaos, with two factions fighting against each other: one being a group of rebels led by Amata and the other being loyalists to the Overseer.

Amata fills the Lone Wanderer in on the situation in the vault and asks him to try and reason with Mack, but only kill him unless it is absolutely necessary. The Wanderer does this, but his efforts to reason with Mack are futile, as Mack blames the Wanderer and their father for being the cause of the problem. Mack proceeds to repeatedly insult both the Wanderer and his father before deciding to kill him, but of course fails and dies himself.

Afterwards, Amata is disappointed that Mack had to be killed, but decides that it was for the best. She effectively becomes the new Overseer and informs the Wanderer that, even though he was a hero for ending the conflict in the vault, he still killed Mack in cold blood, and that was something she could not tolerate in Vault 101, so she tells the Wanderer to leave and never come back.

If the original Overseer survived the Prologue

If the original Overseer survived the prologue, then Amata sends the Lone Wanderer a different distress signal; this one will say that he started going crazy with power, and wants Vault 101 to remain permanently sealed. However, unlike Officer Mack, the original Overseer can be persuaded to step down or be sided with. Officer Mack will not appear in "Trouble on the Homefront" if the original Overseer survived.