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Allentown Boys are the secondary antagonists of the 2016 film Keanu. They are a pair of assassins who ruthlessly murdered their enemies include Keanu's owner who is a drug lord.


Smoke and Oil Dresden , are a pair of famish assassins known as the "Allentown Boys". In the opening scene they casually enter enter a drug-processing facility run by a Mexican drug cartel and kill everyone inside (in matrix styled slow-lo), the boss King Diaz is also killed after he tried to run. The pair take Diaz's cat Iglesias, but when they are momentarily distracted by policemen arriving, the cat escapes. Meanwhile, Rell has just been dumped by his girlfriend; he finds the cat on his doorstep, takes an immediate liking to it, and names it Keanu.

Later on, when Rel and Clarence try to get "Keanu" from Chedder. Cheddar mistakes them for the Allentown brothers. Not knowning who the Allentown brothers even are Rel and Chedder play along. Claiming to be them. Though Hi-C doesn't belive it.

Thoughout the film the real Allentown brothers are tracking down the cats wareabouts. Eventually they kidnsp Rel and Clearence, after Rel finally stole Keanu off Chedder.

Rell and Clarence wake up tied to chairs and as the Allentown Boys prepare to torture them (without ever uttering a word), Keanu claws through Rell's ropes, allowing him to free himself and Clarence, and they grab the Allentown Boys' guns. The Allentown boys continue to approach them, but in a panick, Clearence opens fire, emptying the whole gun on them. Rel doing the same when they sit back up. This clearly shakens them. As they never killed anyone before. Despite that this probably classifies as "self-defence".

In a post-credits scene, the Allentown Boys are revealed to have survived the shooting (which is physically impossible unless they had bodyarmor) and get back into their car.


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