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The Alligators are minor antagonists in The Swan Princess. They are voiced by Campbell Morton.

Role in The Swan Princess

The alligators first appear in the moat of the castle near Swan Lake. When Jean Bob attempts to get flowers for Odette, the alligators try to eat him, but he escapes thanks to Odette. Later, when Odette and her animal friends attempt to steal Rothbart's map, Jean Bob uses the map as a parachute and sees the alligators waiting below. But he is saved by Odette (in swan form) before the alligators get their would be meal. Later, the alligators appear when Jean Bob, Speed and Puffin attempts to free Odette from Rothbart's water dungeon. Speed distracts them long enough for Jean Bob to get inside the dungeon through the lake, and when Odette is freed, the alligators try to eat her too, but her animal friends save her and she flies away to Derek's Kingdom.

They are most likely Rothbart`s pets and guard the moat for him day and night. They are still there even after Rothbart is gone.


  • Their designs are very similar to the design of King Gator from All Dogs Go to Heaven.


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