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Allison is the dim-witted yet anti-social cheerleader who is a member of a satanic cult. She is the secondary antagonist of Netflix’s The Babysitter.

She is portrayed by Bella Thorne, who played Nina Patterson in the MTV series Scream, Holly Viola in Netflix You Get Me and Madison Morgan in The DUFF.


Allison is the best friend of Bee, who she shares in a sultry kissing scene in the film. The redhead spends the time in the film walking around in her skimpy cheerleader outfit. She turns out to be a psychopath.

Allison is shot by a policeman, and exclaims "Oh my God, he shot me in the boob". She sobs on the ground while her unsympathetic friends off little to no support. We hear Allison make comments such as "Now who is going to want to motorboat my breasts" and "Who is going to want to suck on my nipples?"

Later before she corners Cole in the kitchen with a sharp knife, Alison having a conversation and tells him her dream job is to become a journalist which he thinks it's a perfect job, and is just about to go in for the kill. However, Bee shoots her with a shotgun from behind and her head is blown off of her body.



  • She kisses Bee during a game of Truth or Dare, showing that she is either lesbian or bisexual or pansexual.
    • The actress that plays Alison, Bella Thorne, is bisexual in real life.
  • Allison's actress, Bella Throne, also performed alongside Max's actor, Robbie Amell, in the 2015 teen comedy movie The DUFF.
  • Allison is Bella Throne's forth character in a horror movie.
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