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Allistair Tenpenny is the wealthy proprietor of Tenpenny Tower in the game Fallout 3. He is the main business interest behind the destruction of the town of Megaton, and one of the most prominent side villains in the main game. Allistair has an upper crust, snobby demeanor, and looks down on those who he considers beneath him, such as the residents of Megaton and the local ghoul population. He even goes so far as to suggest the eradication of both, sending his accomplice Mr. Burke to scout Megaton for willing contractors.

He was voiced by Charlie Warren.


Mr. Tenpenny is a businessman at his core, and most of his evil deeds are motivated by profit and a desire to satisfy his client base. He wishes to obliterate Megaton for the simple cause of he and his clients considering it unattractive and view obstructing. Despite this, he has enough morality to ask Mr Burke to ask everyone from Megaton to evacuate and is unaware his subordinate ignored this order. 

Mr. Tenpenny is also a prominent ghoul bigot, meaning he considers ghouls unsavory and less than human on the sole premise of their appearance. While he does hold bigoted views himself, he is not averse extending his services to a ghoul clientele, as long as it does not interfere with his already established customer base. Because of this, the Lone Wanderer has the option to convince Tenpenny to take the local ghoul population lead by Roy Phillips as clients, after weeding out the tower's most stubborn bigots.

Allistair's bigoted views and elitist attitudes have earned him many enemies, particularly among ghouls. One ghoul named Mr. Crowley may even commission the Lone Wanderer to assassinate Mr. Tenpenny, though their are also ulterior motives involved in that assignment. Also, even if the Wanderer peacefully resolves the conflict between Roy Philip's group of ghouls and the residents of Tenpenny Tower, Roy Phillips will eventually kill and rob Tenpenny and all other non-ghouls living in the tower, and it is never truly revealed who is responsible for the events that lead to this revolt.

Tenpenny enjoys Wastland Safari which consists of shooting things from his balcony and oftentimes comes off as somewhat senile. Though Allistair is a cold and ruthless businessman, and an arrogant snob, it is worth noting that he can be reasoned with, and Fallout 3 may actually be played entirely non-evil with good choices yet maintaining a good relationship with Tenpenny. This causes his level of villainy to be dependent on player choices.


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