Allium Gyojan is the leader of activist group Terra Liberionis and a supporting antagonist in episodes 26 through 29 of Mobile Suit Gundam IRON-BLOODED ORPHANS.


Allium Gyojan approached Kudelia Aina Bernstein for funding for Terra Liberionis. Feeling slighted, Allium hired the space pirate group known the Dawn Horizon Corps to kill Kudelia, but they were defeated by Tekkadan. Following the Dawn Horizon Corps' defeat, Allium complained to the Dawn Horizon Corps' leader Sandoval Reuters about their loss to Tekkadan, but Sandoval brushed him off and left to continue pursuing Tekkadan on his own, developing a grudge towards the group because of the defeat they dished out to them.

Allium was later confronted in his office by Orga Itsuka and Mikazuki Augus of Tekkadan, who had figured out that he was the one who hired the Dawn Horizon Corps to kill Kudelia. Allium pleaded with the two to spare his life, offering them money, but his bribes were refused and he was shot dead by Mika.


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