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Ally Moore is the main villainess from the fifth season finale of The Closer, "Dead Man's Hand."

She was portrayed by Brooke Langton.


Ally Moore is a detective on Captain Sharon Raydor's unit, but her behavior had been a cause for concern. Ally had bruises on her arm and neck, showing herself as a victim of physical abuse at the hands of her husband, Sean, but she refused to file claims and charges against her husband during her interview with Brenda. Later on, Sean is found dead in a shootout at his home, with detective Ryan Dunn allegedly firing the fatal shot. As the episode progressed, it was revealed that Ally, not Ryan, killed Sean, and not out of self defense.

Ally and Ryan had been illicit lovers, though the episode doesn't reveal how long their affair progressed. Regarding her bruises, they were self-inflicted; Ally bruised herself to paint herself as being abused by Sean, which gained Ryan's sympathy. On the day in question, Ally shot and killed Sean and set up the scene to appear like she was defending herself. Part of her evil scheme even included banging her own head against the wall to make it look like Sean beat her. When Ryan entered the home, Sean was already dead, so he fired a shot into the wall to make it appear that he was the killer, and they switched the barrels of their guns so physical evidence could confirm Ryan as the shooter, however after Sharon and Brenda revealed Ally’s injuries were actually self inflicted due to Sean hands being to big to cause the injuries ally had Ryan realized that he had been tricked and that Sean really was murdered and realizing he was now an unwitting accessory to murder stated that switching the barrels was her idea, suggesting that she was continuing to manipulate him.

Regarding Ally's motive, Raydor revealed that the couple was losing their home, due to their interest-only loan on the house expired. However, should one of them die, the mortgage would kick in, allowing the survivor (Ally) to keep the house.

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