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Kill them! Kill them all!
~ Alma ordering Fettel to kill all the humans.

Alma Wade is the main antagonist of the F.E.A.R. series. She is a powerful spirit who seeks revenge against humanity, due to their invasive implementation of her and her powers in a series of experiments and secret projects.

She was voiced by Melissa Roberts in F.E.A.R., and by Alésia Glidewell in F.E.A.R. 2 and F.E.A.R. 3.


Early Life

Alma Wade was born on August 26, 1979 as the daughter of Harlan Wade and his wife Elizabeth Wade. Alma's mother died during a childbirth, leaving Alma in the care of her father. For unknown reasons, Alma was endowed with tremendous psychic powers, as a result of which she suffered from nightmares and was able to feel the negative emotions of the people around her. Her father noticed her powers shortly after her birth and incorporated her into the experiments of Armacham Technology Corporation when she was only three years old. Armacham introduced Alma to the "Project Paragon", where they tested her for every kind of psychic power, and Alma herself passed all the tests. Alma was tested and experimented almost continuously to discover the source of her power and how she responded to external stimuli.

When Alma was five, she began deliberately failing Armacham's tests, hoping the company would stop experimenting on her. Sometime later, she set fire in a laboratory at the Project Origin facility and began to mentally attack the Armacham scientists who were experimenting on her; her victims began to have nightmares, sudden mood swings and delusions. When Armacham realized that the only thing that kept Alma from doing much worse to scientists was the fact that she was still a child, so they decided to keep her alive so that she could not mentally attack the workers, keeping her calm.

At the age of seven, Alma was included in the Project Origin that Armacham Technology Corporation created to create psychic individuals from a source object such as Alma. Two days before her eighth birthday, in 1987, Alma was put into a coma and confined to the Vault, a spherical structure deep within the secret Origin Facility that was able to neutralize her psychic abilities. A note that can be found at F.E.A.R. 2: Project Origin suggests Alma may have killed at least one person before falling into a coma. Her legs are bloodied when the ATC guards take her by force to the Vault. During the project, Alma was impregnated twice with prototypes made of her own DNA mixed with the DNA of Project Origin researchers, including Harlan Wade himself.

Alma gave birth to the First Prototype, Point Man, when she was just 15 years old, followed by the Second, Paxton Fettel, a year later - but Armacham kept the fact they were brothers hidden from them. When her sons were kept away from her Alma tried her best to seek contact with them. Alma tried to contact them both but Fettel was the only one who could respond to her calling. He felt Alma's growing rage and her presence in the facility as she ocassionally appeared in boys' room. She couldn't reach Point Man however due to the fact he didn't possess any psionic abilities like Fettel. Alma finally connected her consciousness with that of Fettel when he was 10, causing the first Synchronic Event in which Fettel killed several ATC soldiers which prompted ATC to shut down Project Origin completely and "pull the plug" from Alma. Life support systems were shut down from the Vault when Alma was 26, leading the ATC to believe she had died. According to Harlan Wade, her physical body died six days after the life support apparatuses were removed, but according to F.E.A.R. 2: Project Origin her psychic energy lingered long after her heart stopped, fueled by the hate from her angry and furious spirit. For the most part, however, she remained dormant for twenty years, as her spirit was still locked in the Vault with her corpse. At that time, people where in the Vault was located, which was Auburn District felt uncomfortable or ill, and one part of this discrict where the Vault was, got eventually abandoned.

Alma Interviews

Do you like to play games?
~ Alma mocking Doctor Green.

The Alma interview focuses on an interview with Alma prior to her imprisonment in the Vault, conducted by Armacham scientist Dr. Green. Dr. Green initially tries to talk to Alma, but gives up when the child clearly does not respond to her questions. As the interview comes to an end, Dr. Green is slowly driven insane by Alma's psychic powers, and at the very end of the interview, she is seen cringing and mumbling incoherently, with psychic horror reflecting on her psyche while Alma dances innocently with joy.

F.E.A.R.: First Encounter Assault Recon

I know who you are. My baby.
~ Alma recognizing her son.

The identity and mystery of Alma Wade's life are at the heart of the game. She first appeared in the game's intro, and her presence is constantly felt throughout the game, along with hints and glimpses from her life as she uses the visions and information that Point Man gathers through both Paxton Fettel and several laptops scattered throughout many places that are read by the F.E.A.R. commander. Alma frequently appears as an eight-year-old girl in a red dress and has a disturbingly hollow, mask-like face that is almost completely hidden in long black hair. From her first appearance, it's never entirely clear if Alma is real or if she only exists in the minds of the people who see her. Bloody footprints are always visible wherever she walks, and can be briefly visible on the CCTV monitor at the South River Sewage Treatment Plant, in the same room where Bill Moody was interviewed.

Alma is seen many times in F.E.A.R., often just out of the corner in Point Man's eye, standing in the shadows or quickly disappearing from sight. Her performances are usually preceded by a static radio broadcast, recorded as Unknown Origin. Since her performances are almost always accompanied by scenes of extreme violence, it quickly becomes very disturbing. Sometimes all you can hear is her soft, giggling laughter or whispers as if she was whispering Point Man's ear.

Twenty years after Alma's death, ATC president Genevieve Aristide reopens the Origin Facility, despite the protests of ATC scientists telling that the remnants of Alma's psychic powers may still be active. Aristide sends a team to evaluate the condition of the facility, but the team quickly disappears as they are killed by Alma. Genevieve sends a second team, but they also disappear. Realizing that Alma's spirit was somehow awakened by the reopening the Origin Facility, Genevieve once again closes the place for good. A few days later, Alma appears before Fettel and creates a second Synchronicity Event, causing Fettel to rebel and take command of an army of clone soldiers known as the Replicas.

Fettel finds and kills Charles Habegger, and cannibalizes his face in the belief that in this way he can get his victim's thoughts by eating parts of their bodies. He and Alma learn about a project that several ATC employees are working on to study water pollution in Auburn District. They both set out to find the people included in the report, possibly believing they might know the location of Alma's body. First, they visit the South River Water Treatment Plant, where Alma tries to kill Point Man so that he does not interfere with their goal. Despite her efforts, Point Man survives, and Alma herself begins to take interest in him. She starts showing up where the Point Man is, always watching him but never attacking.

After Fettel kills Bill Moody at the Water Treatment Plant, Fettel and Alma move to the Armacham Technology Corporation Office Building. Both in the Water Treatment Plant and in the ATC Office Building, they are killing everyone present, whether these people know anything about Project Origin and Alma or not. However, there are some exceptions as those who worked on the Auburn District's contaminated waters project are taken hostages, such as Aldus Bishop or Alma's sister, Alice Wade. There, Alma continues to watch Point Man and eventually learns that he is her son. Shortly thereafter, Alma and Fettel learn of the location of the Origin Facility and head out from the ATC Office Building to Auburn District to find it. Along the way, Fettel is able to kidnap Alice Wade, and kills her while Alma watches it. Genevieve Aristide says in the guide that Alma was possibly jealous of Alice because of the preferential treatment she received from their father, and therefore wanted to witness her death.

In the Origin Facility, Harlan Wade releases Alma's real body, now resurrected by the presence of her spirit, telling Point Man that she has suffered enough already. Her real appearance changes to a naked, emaciated young woman. Alma immediately kills Harlan and then begins to walk around the facility, unleashing Nightmares wherever she goes. Shortly thereafter, Alma causes Point Man to hallucinate, in which she shows him a memory that reveals that she is Harlan's daughter, as well as that Point Man is actually Alma's son. In memory, Alma addresses him, demanding her child's return, only to be met with the stern resistance of her father, who takes her child away. She shows up in front of Point Man, trying to hug him, but since her touch is lethal, he is forced to shoot her repeatedly without stopping until she is gone. Point Man then walks down the hall, exiting the building while the Vault explodes. Point Man collapses in the blast, but is later found by Jin, Holiday, and Delta Force pilot Bremmer and taken aboard a Black Hawk helicopter. As they investigate the mushroom cloud of Auburn District and Fairport's explosion and destruction, a loud slap to the side of the Black Hawk is heard. When Jin turns to Point Man to ask what it was, Point Man watches Alma's older form appear at the helicopter door, dragging herself inside.

F.E.A.R. 2: Project Origin

Do you see me?
~ Alma making contact with Becket.

In F.E.A.R. 2: Project Origin, Alma's presence is felt much more than in the first F.E.A.R., largely due to the psychic connection she has with Michael Becket, due to his unconscious role in Project Harbinger. During the game, this connection grows more and more in parallel with Becket's telepathic signal. As the game progresses, several male members of the Dark Signal Team begin to show obsessive fixation on Alma's personality as her psychic signature effectively drives them into reproductive aggression as she is effectively "in heat" and tries to conceive with one of them.

Alma is responsible for the deaths of most of the Dark Signal Team members, who seemed inappropriate to Alma, killing James Fox at Auburn Memorial Hospital (however Alma killed him by mistaking him for her father Harlan Wade) and Cedric Griffin in the ruins of Auburn District using large tentacles which largely resemble the roots of trees, which is probably an allusion to Alma's memories of being on her favorite swing suspended from a tree before being locked in the Vault. In the Old Underground Metro Area, Alma begins to take control of Harold Keegan's mind, causing him to follow her and try to help her. As the last boss of the game, Keegan becomes a hallucination - he lacks his eyes and looks as if his whole body has been burned. Furious, he fights Becket because Alma chose Becket over him.

Alma's younger character appears much less frequently, mostly in the Valkyrie Tower at the pool in Genevieve Aristide's penthouse, and a few flashbacks during the game, such as her swinging on a swing or the moment being taken by force to the Vault. Her main form is the same as the first F.E.A.R.; her real body is skinny and naked, with lifeless and empty eyes and wet black hair. However, she lacks the visual distortions around her body that were seen in the first game. Her younger form turns into an adult as she watches the great the explosion of the Vault unleashed at the end of the first game.

When Becket is admitted to Auburn Memorial Hospital, it can be seen that Alma is interested in him and to some extent is his well-being. This is confirmed by Doctor York's surgical notes, which state that Becket almost twice died during surgery, only to stabilize without direct help from doctors. Inside the hospital, right after waking up from surgery in the recovery room, Alma watches him and is visibly intrigued but unsure why he senses her presence. She is then seen leading him deeper through the Hospital and Harbinger Facility, pausing occasionally to make sure he is following her. Upon entering the TAC, Becket becomes "fully attuned" to Alma, as a result of which their psychic bond intensifies. When several ATC Black Ops soldiers burst into the operating room during the tuning process in an attempt to kill him, Alma becomes furious and kills them all. On a few other occasions when Becket's life is in grave danger, Alma protects him, but at the same time seems content to leave him on his own, allowing the Replicas or ATC forces to kill Becket.

After descending deeper into the underground complexes of the Harbiner Facility, Alma begins to develop romantic feelings for him - as later indicated by her change in appearance to a healthy, sensual woman - but as her emotions are heavily inhibited, Alma becomes obsessed with Becket. Unable to control her desires, Alma impulsively lunges at him and repeatedly attempts to rape him, although in doing so she inadvertently puts Becket's life at risk due to her unstable psychological nature and unstable emotional responses. Luckily, he is able to push her away before Alma is able to kill him.

When Becket and the surviving members of the Dark Signal Team travel to Wade Elementary School to find "The Snake Fist," Alma re-establishes physical contact with Becket. After massive paranormal activity inside one of the corridors at Elementary School, Alma lunges at him but, as before, Becket pushes her away. Angered by Alma by his rejection, she screams, Why!? WHY!!? and hurls him quickly with a power of her mind against the wall. Instead of finishing him off, she seems to react with confusion and even horror, possibly due to the fact that Becket sees her more as a threat than anything else. Her form then changes into a sexualized version of herself saying, Don't you see? as if she wanted to excite him or calm him down. After watching him for a few tense moments, Alma disappears.

While Becket is still at the School and then takes the elevator down to the Project Paragon's underground lab complex, Alma comes into contact with Becket several times, in which he is forced to push her away from him. Interestingly, ALma never chased him or wasn't very aggressive even though she could easily beat him with little difficulty. However, at one point, when Becket gets off the last tram in the Origin Facility tunnels to the Still Island Power Plant, Alma runs at him, desperately clinging to him. Even as Becket resists her, she attacks him for a few more times, until he finally manages to get into the elevator, losing her interest. When Becket gets out of the elevator, he sees a hallucination in which Alma is dragged into to the Vault, dropping her doll. After that, Becket sees the tree from the hallucination which turns out to be a withered branch in the drain, and finds the Alma doll she dropped - she appears behind him as if to show him what her last moments on the surface were like.

At the end of the game, her intentions for Becket become clear: after he becomes tied to a telesthetic amplifier on Still Island, Alma appears in front of him. The booster begins to activate and his mind is trapped in a hallucination in which he is forced to fight with Keegan's ghosts. While fighting Alma's hallucinations, her ecstasy is heard and in some cases when her psychological bond is severed, she can be seen raping Becket in the chamber, sometimes even physically fighting him to bring his mind back into the hallucinations. At the climax, parallel to both the climax of the battle and both Alma and Michael's orgasms during intercourse, Becket kills Keegan and disables the telesthetic device, causing Alma to scream and vanish into matter particles.

After opening the telesthetic device, Alma reappears, standing amidst a ruined landscape, heavily pregnant with Becket's baby. She affectionately places his hand on her stomach to emphasize this fact. Then a soft voice whispering Mommy can be heard.

F.E.A.R. 2: Reborn

Alma appears occasionally in expansion pack to F.E.A.R. 2. Whenever she shows up, she tries to kill Foxtrot 813, a Replica soldier under the command of Paxton Fettel. Alma's attacks on 813 strongly suggest that she wants to stop her younger son from being reborn and that she only used him to free her in the first game.


In F.3.A.R., Alma is pregnant with her child conceived to Michael Becket at the end of the second game. Paxton Fettel allegedly helps Point Man get out of Armacham Prison somewhere in Brazil to get back to Fairport, however, as brothers, he would like them both to take over the family's power with Alma instead of destroying it. Alma appears in front of her sons many times, mostly in a child form, but also in the adult form. When confronted with the Creep, she reacts with intense fear and, if in the form of an adult woman, she instantly turns into a child and crouches in terror because the creature was created by the traumatic memories of her late father, Harlan Wade and not only under her own influence.

When the brothers reach Fairport, the helicopter is knocked out of the sky by Alma's contractions where they crash into the Best Save Co Store. Inside the Store, the brothers discover that the people of Fairport have gone insane and turned into Cultists worshiping Alma, painting on the walls various pictures of her image, proclaiming her pregnancy or praising her name. Additionally, the entire shop is full of altars. There is also a moment in the Store where you can hear Alma scream about her labor contractions. After exiting the Store, the brothers arrive at the Fairport Suburbs, where there is a regular war between Armacham Soldiers and the Cultists, and the houses themselves contain the same altars as in the Store. Additionally, Fettel notes that Alma's contractions are getting stronger. Upon arriving in Fairport Downtown with Jin, Alma's contractions are seen to destroy entire city districts and cause psychological disturbances throughout Fairport as well as huge sinkholes in the roads. Additionally, a huge red vortex has formed over the Fairport View Tower, heralding the opening to the Almaverse, Alma's world of nightmares, which spills over the world with each contraction. When Point Man and Fettel use the escape pod operated by Jin on their way to the Port Authority Airport to find Michael Becket, who may know anything about Alma's place, Alma's escalating contractions cause the pod to crash straight onto the Bridge between the Districts. After crossing the Bridge, the entire sky over Fairport turns blood red, the water turns to blood and the Bridge itself is almost completely destroyed, which only confirms how much Alma's pregnancy threatens the world.

After arriving at the Port Authority Airport at night, the Almaverse has already covered the entire sky, creating a blood red color and additionally causing a massive thunderstorm, and each more and more severe contraction causes helicopters and planes to crash into one another. After a tough way through the Airport, Point Man and Fettel finally reach Becket, encased in a capsule, ready to be evacuated. By looking at Point Man, Becket feels a vision and recognizes him as Alma's son. Fettel possesses him to check his memories and learns that he was the chosen one and Alma is pregnant with his child. After Fettel kills Becket by finding out where Alma is, the brothers go to where they both grew up.

At the end of the game, when Point Man and Fettel reach the abandoned Armacham facility where they both grew up, they kill a manifestation of Harlan Wade, the Creep that wanted to prevent them from reaching Alma from the very beginning, they finally reach their a mother who turns out to be so exhausted by her pregnancy that she is unable to move or speak. When Point Man tries to kill Alma and her baby, Fettel becomes furious and the brothers fight each other. Depending on the player's actions, her child will be taken from her by one of the brothers:

Good Ending

If Point Man wins the fight, he shoots Fettel in the head, causing him to disappear. Point Man points his gun at Alma, who looks at him with pleading and terrified eyes. Point Man sees Alma's Third Child being born and delivers the baby while looking at Alma who almost wanted to smile at him and then disappears and probably still exists. Point Man leaves the room with the newborn sibling, listening to Jin on the headset, which tells him that things are starting to calm down and that she and the survivors owe him their lives.

Bad Ending

If Fettel wins the fight, he will possess Point Mana. Fettel in Point Man's body forcibly pulls the baby out of Alma's womb and is then eaten and killed by Fettel, who wanted to take her power for himself.

F.3.A.R is the only game where Alma never says anything, despite being quite talkative in other games, and where she never attacks or kills anyone. Unlike previous games, Alma is not the main antagonist of F.3.A.R. - technically she's not even an antagonist as she never tries to kill or hurt anyone.

F.E.A.R.: Extraction Point

F.E.A.R.: Extraction Point begins with a summary of the F.E.A.R. epilogue, showing an adult Alma causing a helicopter with Point Man, Douglas Holiday and Jin Sun-Kwon to crash. She is then seen standing over Paxton Fettel's body, who comes back to life thanks to her.

When Point Man tries to reunite with Holiday and Jin in the abandoned apartment block, he sees a vision of Alma passing between the older and younger selves as she approaches him in the hallway. As the vision ends, Point Man hears Alma whisper, Kill them. Kill them all. As Jin and Holiday go outside a dilapidated apartment block, they talk about a completely deserted Fairport and a strange blue storm cloud above the site of the blast. Holiday notes that cities don't usually evacuate as quickly, leading Jin to theorize that Alma must have created a temporal and spatial anomaly and that she is more than just a ghost.

After Jin is captured by Replica soldiers as they are revived by Fettel, Point Man enters a small Chapel adjacent to the large Church and sacristy offices where Alma appears as a child who asks him to protect her and not let the others hurt her. Fettel then enters the Chapel, commenting that the Point Man has now become the prey and will leave them both alone. As Fettel disappears, adult Alma steps in from the door that Point Man entered, setting the Chapel on fire and attacking Point Man with Nightmares. Point Man escapes when the Chapel and the Church are burnt down.

When Point Man enters the large Warehouse area by, and right after Jin tells him and Holiday that she managed to escape, Point Man sees the young Alma fleeing from him and then hears her voice on the telephone receiver where she whispers to him I'm waiting for you. Holiday is later attacked and killed by a group of Shades sent by adult Alma.

As Point Man makes his way towards the evacuation point at Auburn Memorial Hospital, he encounters a dead end and a younger version of Alma. Alma tells him to follow her, and the walls around them are pulled into the darkness. Point into the ring of fire when Nightmares attack him; when the world returns to normal, the door to the dead end of the alley has been opened, allowing him to continue his journey.

When Point Man enters the Old Underground Metro Area, Alma as a child clearly helps him with his subway journey. When the Replica forces block his way to the train and subway tunnels, Alma shows him the way through the ventilation shafts. The second time the Replica soldiers shoot him with deadly Penetrators, Alma shows up and kills them with psychic powers, telling him that he is safe now. When Point Man gets out of the subway and reaches the office building, he learns that Jin may die before he can reach her, which is why Alma shows up at one point whispering to him, Hurry. This shows that her child form has preserved remnants of goodness and tries to protect her child.

When Point Man finally arrives at Auburn Memorial Hospital, he sees a complete massacre and, being the only survivor, decides to go to the roof. Inside the hospital, Alma appears sporadically in her adult form and finally enters the flight rescue elevator. When Point Man rides the elevator, Alma's powers cause the elevator to drop straight into the morgue basement. Inside the morgue, adult Alma slides out of one of the body refrigerators and drags Point Man into a hallucination. In the hallucination, Point Man ends up in the 20th century Psychiatric Hospital in Almaverse, which was most likely created by Alma herself. There are blood stains all over the floors and walls, and in seclusion cells, Point Man spots Alma and Fettel's victims such as Bill Moody, Charles Habegger, Alice Wade, and Harlan Wade screaming and cowering in fear. As he walks deeper and deeper through the Psychiatric Hospital, he witnesses how Alma's older and younger characters come together to become one person. He then returns to the real world and is able to establish contact with the F.E.A.R. coordinator Rowdy Betters for the first time since the Origin Facility exploded.

F.E.A.R.: Perseus Mandate

Alma first appears before Lt. Steve Chen in F.E.A.R.: Perseus Mandate, while the sergeant is working on retrieving information from the Armacham Technology Corporation's Global Data and Security Center. Chen reports seeing an lone girl in the building, describing her as being around eight years old and wearing a red dress. When Captain David Raynes asks what Chen is talking about, Alma disappears from his sight.

Later, the sergeant finds a bloody door where he sees a younger version of Alma in a burning room, holding two Nightcrawlers by the throats. The nightcrawlers are torn to shreds and the sergeant is thrown back through the window behind him.

Alma reappears after the Origin Facility explodes, where she eappears as an older version in the abandoned section of Old Underground Metro Area, just before Chen and the Sergeant are ambushed by her - Alma sends her Phantoms to kill Chen and the Sergeant must exploring the abandoned subway himself. When Sergeant catches up with Gavin Morrison, he reveals that Alma was not only the primary gene donor for Project Origin, but also Project Perseus, and that the Nightcrawlers are trying to retrieve a sample of her DNA from the ATC Cloning Facility. As Morrison and the Sergeant make their way through the tunnels to the cloning facility, Paxton Fettel shows them a vision of a younger Alma killing three scientists, claiming that Alma had been dead for three years when she first came for him and killed the scientists with the raw edge of her pain. Immediately after the vision, an adult version of Alma appears, throwing an armored truck from Replica forces into the air, which lands on Morrison, killing him.

While moving around the cloning facility, the Sergeant comes across an observation gallery; peering into the room below, he sees three Nightcrawler Heavy Soldiers cataloging information; however, young Alma appears and kills the Nightcrawlers one by one. Deeper in the cloning facility, he comes across a room full of corpses; when she enters, Alma appears and the bodies begin to rise from the ground, the room flashes white and both Alma and the corpse disappear. This is the last time Sergeant sees her.

Upon reaching the second Vault, the sergeant sees Commander Nightcrawler retrieve Alma's DNA. However, he is able to catch up with the commander, kill him and retrieve Alma's DNA.






  • Alma is named after the character Alma Mobley in Peter Straub's novel Ghost Story.
  • "Alma" is a word in the Latin languages Spanish and Portuguese that literally means "soul" — an appropriate name, given her character.
  • Alma Wade visits a hospital in Chicago to deliver the born child.
  • Alma is referenced in the 2012 horror film, The Cabin in the Woods. In the film, a girl in a white dress is seen liquefying a security guard while singing "Hush Little Baby". The scene is an exact mirror of Alma's attack on the guards in F.E.A.R..
  • Amost likely had blue eyes in life, given that both of her sons, her father, and her sister all have blue eyes.
  • Alma is similar to Alessa Gillespie from Silent Hill, a horror/survival title developed by Konami. Both have a parent never mentioned (Alessa's father and Alma's mother) and suffered great abuse at the hands of the other, and the two later use their psychic powers to take revenge on those who caused their suffering. Both exhibit immense psionic powers, including the ability to create monsters from the depths of their minds. At the age of 7, it was decided they would be used to give birth. The two of them were forcibly impregnated through unnatural means and were still adolescents when they gave birth (Alessa was 7). It is also important to note that both Alma and Alessa delivered newborns to the protagonists in the endings of their respective games before disappearing. Coincidentally, both their names start with 'Al'. In personality and physical appearance, Alma is very closely matched with the film version of Alessa, who is much more emotionally unstable and vengeful than her game counterpart. Like Alma, the film version of Alessa also appears as a child throughout the film, until near the end, where she is seen as a badly injured adult woman.

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