Almadon when he realized that his collar was a bomb after GokaiSilver ripped it off of him and his final words before his death.What was that!? What's going on?

Almadon is a shrimp and a mantis shrimp-themed Action Commander who attempts to bomb the city and an antagonist in Superhero Taisen.

He was voiced by Makoto Yasumura.


Almadon is a prideful warrior who wears a collar that produces his Aruma Barrier sent to plant a bomb in the city before the Gokaigers walked in and took out the bomb.

He is forced to escape when the flaw on his collar was found out, being absolutely disrespectful to Warz Gill's threats while intending to kill the pirate. However, he is unaware that Warz had Insarn plant a bomb on the collar while making it look like a modification, thus becoming unknowing suicide bomber to eliminate the Gokaigers.

Luckily, GokaiSilver realized it and safely detonated the bomb before destroying Arumadon.

He later appeared as one of the many monsters in the Dai-Zangyack army, which eventually fought against an army of Super Sentai and Kamen Riders. He is seen fighting VulShark, DenziBlue, and Pink Flash.


  • He is the second Action Commander not to grow, after being destroyed with the first being Shikabanen.

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