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Sacred Lady Almalexia, also known as Ayem, Mother Morrowind, the Lady of Mercy and Healing Mother, is the main antagonist of Tribunal, the expansion of The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind.

She is one of the three physical elven gods of the Tribunal and used to be the consort of the legendary hero Indoril Nerevar.  


Upon the death of Lord Nerevar, Almalexia along with Vivec and Sotha Sil swore upon Azura to never steal divine power from the Heart of Lorkhan in order to attain godhood for themselves. But only a few years later, she and Vivec were convinced by Sotha Sil to break their oaths and thus the members of the Tribunal became gods. This led to Azura punishing the Tribunal with the prophecy of the Nerevarine, the reincarnation of Nerevar, and the transformation of the Chimer into Dunmer (Dark Elves). Almalexia served as a protector of the Dunmer for thousands of years until she was cut off from the source of their divinity due to the return of Dagoth Ur during 2E 882, and thus the power of the Tribunal waned over time.  

Almalexia slowly became insane as her power kept draining, which resulted in her ceasing communication with the rest of the Tribunal and even her own people. This change resulted in Almalexia turning into a completely different person, from once being compassionate and loving, into a madwoman who became obsessed with gaining power for herself while caring very little for her people. She had plans to unite all of her people under one faith and one rule, as the one true god of the Dunmer. In 3E 427, Almalexia ended up killing Sotha Sil and unleashed his clockwork contraptions to attack her own city in order to frame her old friend and lure the Nerevarine, the reincarnation of her husband, to Clockwork City, where she would try to kill him too. It ended in her death at the hands of the Nerevarine. 


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