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Alonzo Morreli is the major antagonist of the Sift Heads series. He serves as the main antagonist in the Sift Heads World series and a posthumous antagonist in Sift Heads: Street Wars.

He is an infamous crime lord and has usurped power in the city of Chicago maintaining power through the Italian Mafia and the corrupted Chicago Police Department. He is also the arch-nemesis of Vinnie, Shorty and Kiro.


Sift Heads World-Act 1: Bloody Newcomer

Alonzo first appears in Sift Heads World-Act 1: Bloody Newcomer where he appears at the end of the introduction of the game. He aims a Desert Eagle at Vinnie and is about to kill him when Kiro comes out and decapitates his arm and is shot in the head but survives. He is later bailed out of jail possibly by the corrupt Chicago Police and is sent off free into the streets as seen in a newspaper. He is eventually ratted out by an informant called "The Black Fox" and his Villa comes under attack by the Bounty Hunters but he isn't there. He then promises to make them suffer and laughs on about the group's effort to kill him.

Sift Heads-Act 3: Alonzo's Reinforcement

In Sift Heads World Sift Heads-Act 3: Alonzo's Reinforcement, Alonzo bribes the Chicago Police Commissioner to have one of the main characters arrested after a brutal firefight by Alonzo's men but one of them is eventually let free. he then reveals his metal arm to replace the one Kiro cut off and tries to kill one of the Bounty Hunters but his captured and sent to the safehouse jail.

Sift Heads-Act 7: Ultimatum

Alonzo is with Yuuma in the Mafia headquarters finishing a money transaction when Vinnie surrounds them. Alonzo shoots Vinnie and believes that he killed him. When he sees that Kiro killed Yuuma, Alonzo shoots Kiro in the arm and says to him that he will kill him for cutting his arm in Act 1. When Alonzo is about to kill Kiro, Vinnie appears and says he missed him and shot Alonzo with an RPG-7 that he found in the hallway. A dying Alonzo is on the ground with pieces of glass in his body, Vinnie approaches and tells Alonzo to say goodbye. Alonzo replies by saying "Die in Hell! You're a dead man... You will never stop me... bastard." before Vinnie shoots him ten times in the head, killing him.

Sift Heads: Street Wars

After being killed by Vinnie, his grave is shown in the beginning of the game where two new Italian leaders, half-brothers Luzio and Rino, are discussing the events of the previous game and they are now seeking revenge against Vinnie, Shorty and Kiro. They eventually captured Shorty at the end of the game.


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