Aloysius is a supporting antagonist in the 1994 film The Hudsucker Proxy. He serves as Sydney J. Mussburger's main henchmen.

He was portrayed by the late Harry Bugin.


Aloysius is first seen scraping Waring Hudsucker's name off of the door that would later become Norville's door.

Later, he rats out Amy Archer to Mussburger about being an undercover reporter, the whole time and Norville later found out that Amy was a facade employee.

On New Year's Eve, at the time of Norville's downfall, Aloysius scrapes his name off of the door and replaces it with Mussburger's name. As Norville steps in one more time, he steps out of the window and stands on the ledge, attempting to kill himself. Aloysius shuts the window on him and proceeds to let him fall to his death.

Right before Norville falls to his death, he was saved by Moses the clockworker, when he puts a pole in between the gears, freezing him in mid-air, so that Waring Hudsucker as an angel can have a word with him. Moses comes face to face with Aloysius, who attempts to take the pole out of the gears, so he can let Norville die. As Hudsucker instructs Norville about the blue letter he was supposed to hand to Mussburger, Moses and Aloysius have a fight in the clock room. Moses finally hits him with with his pole that he saved Norville with, making Aloysius fall to his death in the gears, but accidentally released Norville. Moses places Aloysius' fake teeth to block the gears and freeze time again and when the gears crush the fake teeth, Norville is saved and is given a second chance.


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