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They based their latest protoculture on your DNA. Alpha-152 is now entering it's final start-up phase. Born with pure hatred for the world and with the power to destroy everything
~ Helena Douglas telling Kasumi about Alpha-152.

Alpha-152 is the main antagonist of the video games Dead or Alive 4 and Dead or Alive 5. She is a clone of the series' main protagonist Kasumi.



When the first Dead or Alive Tournament ended, Kasumi was captured by DOATEC. She was subjected to Project Alpha. The purpose was to create the ultimate fighter. During the first phase of Project Alpha, a clone was created and it was labeled as Kasumi A. In the second phase, the clone transformed into Alpha-152.


Victor Donovan secretly held Alpha-152 in a laboratory located on an oil rig. It awoke after Hayate was freed from Project Epsilon by Kasumi, Ayanne, and Ryu Hayabusa. The shinobi discovered Victor Donovan created additional Alpha clones.


Ryu was forced to fight Alpha-152 and he managed to defeat it. It rose and altered its appearance to resemble Ryu. Ayane and Hayate subdued Alpha-152 while Ryu used a ninpo spell to destroy the lab. While the lab crumbled, Alpha-152 decided to engage in a final fight with Kasumi. Alpha-152 was defeated before it incinerated with the burning lab.


Alpha-152 was created to hate the world and is focused to destroy everything in her path. She can be willing to fight anyone whether or not they attack her. Alpha-152 is completely inhuman compared to Kasumi A. Alpha-152 feels only hatred whereas Kasumi A has the ability to feel a minimum of human emotions. Alpha-152 hisses whenever she is positioned to fight. Occasionally, she will let yell in anger or frustration.



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