Blood makes the grass grow! We make the blood flow! We are the beginning! And the end!
~ The Alpha-Omega chant.

The Alpha-Omega are a major antagonistic force in War for the Planet of the Apes.


They were a military group based from the Northern United States led by Colonel McCullough, who were called upon by Dreyfus to exterminate the Ape population led by Caesar in San Francisco by any means necessary. As time passed, the group deserted themselves from the Army, and started a holy war against the apes.

As time progressed, the Simian Flu virus had evolved, which severely affected the state of several of McCullough's soldiers. When McCullough resorted to slaughtering the infected to prevent further spreading of the virus, it started conflict with his superiors from the North. Rebellious apes, which many of them who had followed Koba in 2026 were used by Alpha-Omega as "Donkeys", which provided support for the human soldiers in various attacks on ape trenches in the Muir Woods.

By 2028, Alpha-Omega was successful in finding the Ape's primary base of operations in the Muir Woods. When the Northern military force waged war against McCullough, he enslaved the apes to fortify his base, a former weapons depot named the Border from the impeding attacks. When Alpha-Omega captured Caesar, the organization tortured him through means of starvation, and hypothermia. By the time the Northern Army arrived, the apes made their escape, while Caesar exploded the Border, destroying the foundations of Alpha-Omega. The remnants of the organization were destroyed in a subsequent avalanche with the Northern Army.



  • Alpha-Omega took their name from a terrorist group which was active in the early years of the Simian Flu Outbreak (refer to: Dawn of the Planet of the Apes: Firestorm).
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