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The Alpha Diablosaurus, also known as the Alpha Tyrannosaur, is the main antagonist of the first episode of Primal. It is a massive theropod that served as the alpha of a pack of Diablosaurs and was the one responsible for killing Spear and Fang's families.


It is a ginormous tyrannosaurid with red skin and darker red stripes as well as a large razor-sharp horn on its snout surrounded by little mini-horns, making its horn somewhat similar to a mountain. Its size could be compared to that of an sauropod, easily dwarfing Fang and the other members of its pack.


Despite being a predatory dinosaur, the Alpha seemed to be very intelligent, observant, cunning, ruthless, sadistic, and vile. While most predators hunt to survive, the Alpha seemed to enjoy killing for the pleasure of it. An example of this is when the Alpha devoured Fang's offspring, as both of the juveniles were much smaller prey targets and would not have satisfied its hunger.

However, given the harshness of its environment, the Alpha likely saw Fang's offspring as an easy meal rather than having feelings of actual malice towards them. The Alpha also presumably had little regard and care for its pack, allowing them to do most of the fighting and hunting.

Powers & Abilities

  • Advanced Strength: With its gargantuan size and strength, the Alpha turned out to be a formidable adversary for both men or dinosaurs because it took both Fang and Spear to become a team to kill it. Its strength alone could handle Fang's size to toss her around like a rag doll and pin her to the ground without struggle.


The Alpha and its pack members traveled together in search of any prey, going wherever their leader took them. When a caveman named Spear returned from fishing, he suddenly witnessed the Alpha's subordinates slaughtering his wife, daughter and son. The pack only stopped from attacking Spear himself because their leader summoned them away before they could do so.

Later, the leader attacked Spear, Fang and her young after the duo killed its pack members who were attacking them. It eventually cornered and devoured Fang's young in a single bite before attempting to kill her as well, only to be stopped by Spear, who came to Fang's aid. The Alpha then battled the two until Spear finally kills the dinosaur by impaling it through the brain with his spear, avenging his family and Fang's offspring in the process.


  • The Alpha Diablosaurus is the greater-scope villain of the Primal series, as it was the one who was responsible for killing both Spear and Fang's families.
  • While not pure evil as it and its pack hunt for food and care for each other, it is still one of the darkest villains of the series.
  • The Alpha has similarities with the Indominus rex as they are both sadistic predatory dinosaurs who hunt for sport rather than to survive while they also possess great intelligence for even an animal.


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