Alpha Richter

Alpha Richter is the main villain in Zoids: Fuzors. He is voiced by Tomakazu Seki in Japanese dub and Michael Dubson in the English Dub.


A wealthy businessman and member of the Blue City Council, Alpha is one of the most powerful and influential men in the city. He also is secretly plotting to take control of the city and use that as a stepping stone to greater things. To this end, he has been manipulating events to steer him into control of the city. Alpha develops the Seismosaurus as his ultimate weapon which will allow him to crush any resistance to his rule. Sandra is his adopted younger sister, and he helped her start Savage Hammer, as well as supplying them with their Zoids. Luke, Rebecca and Burton, as well as Marvis and Dr Pierce are also working for him. For a time, Vareth, Dart and Saber (pilots of the Gravity Wolf, Saix and Saurer, respectively; see below), in their debut appearance were employed to eliminate Blake and RD in a match (in reality, Alpha would gather data on the Gairyuki and Liger Zero Falcon while the battle raged on for use in developing the Seismosaurus) but ran away on the impression that their method of escape was a secret weapon for such an occasion. They left Alpha's service immediately after and became Mach Storm's allies. All of Alpha's loyal and most prominent subordinates (minus Sandra after she realized what he was doing and her being another tool of his and Dr. Pierce who rebelled after his Energy Liger was discarded) are as follows: Rebecca, Luke (brainwashed), Burton, Marvis, and Reynard. He, Marvis, and the rest of the Seismosaurus crew survive the Zoid's destruction but are immediately captured (except for Luke who Blake rescues and retrieves) by Gummie and the PKB upon crawling out of the wreckage.

Ability as a Zoid Pilot

Alpha doesn't really pilot a Zoid directly, rather, due to the immense size of the Seismosaurus, simply issues subordinates with orders. Furthermore, due to the overwhelming power of his Zoid, he would need very little skill to grasp victory (and his defeat comes not from any error on his behalf, but simply by RD controlling the Alpha Zoid), so his actual talent is ambiguous.



  • He is similar to Adolf Hitler from Real Life History and Ulube Ishikawa from G Gundam.
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