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Most formidable. I feel less insulted knowing that it was you who destroyed my tribe. When I've built a new tribe, we will honor your death on this day.
~ Alpha right before battling Joshua Stranger.

The Alpha Werewolf, also known simply as Alpha, is a supporting antagonist in the Tomb of the Underground God volume from 1999 survival horror game Nocturne.

The Alpha Werewolf is voiced by Lynn Mathis, along with Joshua Stranger, Baron Samedi and Count Voicu.


Joshua Stranger and Hiram Mottra are riding a train to the Redeye, Texas, after the medical professionals have reported a mysterious skin illness ravaging through the town, while some particular residents claimed to have seen monsters and zombies. With the latter being quite plausible for the Spookhouse agents with the vast experience in paranormal encounters, they send agent Scat Dazzle to deal with the issue and later decide to reinforce his presence with the inclusion of the Stranger and Hiram.

During the conversation, Joshua eventually senses the tension and fright in Hiram's voice. When he notices that, Hiram informs Joshua about feeling an overwhelming sense of being followed by someone unseen, yet malicious. Hiram's semi-psychic powers detect something aggressive and dangerous in the nearby vicinity, but cannot pin-point the source, which seems to be surrounding them. He even shows a note, saying "For the insidious crimes against my people, your people will see ruin", which has somehow appeared in his luggage. The Stranger suggests that one of the monsters from their previous cases, perhaps a survivor of a horucide, have taken that upon themselves to return the favor. Hiram suddenly falls into a state on an absolute panic and starts hysterically screaming about the aforementioned aggressive entity approaching. He is then swiftly grabbed through the window by the unseen assailant and taken away in a matter of seconds, with the Stranger being totally unable to save him. 

As he stands up from his seat and moves, all the seemingly normal people around him assume their true forms by transforming into werewolves, explaining Hiram's inability to pinpoint the evil presence right away, since it was literally all around him. In order to be well-equipped for the unexpected werewolf issue, Joshua makes his way to the luggage area to find Hiram's package, containing the silver bullets and medical bags. After acquiring the crucial equipment, the Stranger visits the area near the train's engine, and finds out that the controls have been intentionally damaged, and to the point where there is no chance of stopping the train and getting off it. He also discovers an engineer's dead body and grabs his key, which will allow him to open every door on the train. Joshua then proceeds to inspect both the inside of the train cabins and above them, while exterminating every werewolf either disguised as a human or outwardly hostile. 

Finally, while running atop one of the train cabins, an unusually colored and large werewolf appears in front of the Stranger, however, instead of attacking him right away, the beast speaks to him, warning that all of his kind will die and mentions that he and his people have survived despite Joshua's assumptions. After the werewolf leaves, the Stranger instantly recognizes him as the Alpha of the Hökkendire werewolf tribe, the one that the Spookhouse have tried to wipe out completely back in 1924, with the whole point of this terroristic act being the revenge for the merciless genocide of Alpha's kin and his attempted murder. Joshua then continues to fend off any werewolf that comes in his way, and eventually climbs up on top of the last cabin, where his showdown with Alpha happens. Before the fight ensues, it also becomes apparent that Alpha originally targeted the one who has killed his entire tribe in the past, so Hiram's murder didn't actually satisfy him, since the Stranger is the one who was responsible for the horucide. With the use of silver bullets, deadly precision and perseverance, Joshua manages to put Alpha's vengeful mind to rest. Right after Alpha dies, the train's engine fails and starts exploding, forcing the Stranger to jump off the train in a hurry and hope for the best. 

The consequent events are only relevant to the story of the second volume's main antagonist, Gardath.


Alpha shares most of his physical characteristics with his fellow members of the werewolf species, such as partially canine and partially human physicality, sharp claws and fangs, glowing red eyes and inhumanly large size. Unlike his brethren, his fur appears to be in a shade of dark-purple and he's also slightly larger than the other members of his species.


As one of the strongest and most dominant members of his kind, Alpha is the only werewolf encountered by Joshua throughout the entire game who has the ability to speak and displays remarkable intelligence, although it is implied that his fellow werewolves might also be capable of speech and calculativeness, as during the forest part of the first volume, they ambush the protagonists strategically while playing with their prey, stalking and instilling the feeling of paranoia in them. However, Alpha takes it to whole another level, organizing his tribe to patiently follow Hiram and Joshua all the way from Virginia to the train to Redeye, while disguising themeselves as humans and even slipping the ominous note into Hiram's luggage in order to both make him suffer psychologically and to honorably inform him and make Hiram able to prepare and defend himself, not to mention that Alpha and his people have intentionally sabotaged the train's controls to trap their victims. His profound honorable tendencies are further displayed when it becomes known that the main target of his vengeance was not merely a Spookhouse operative or the train occupants, but the exact same one who was responsible for the crimes against his tribe. He refers to Joshua as the "most formidable", delighted in the fact that he will get to fight and, possibly, kill such skilled warrior and even mentions that he will honor Joshua's death on that day with his new tribe, expressing genuine respect for his opponent. 

Powers and Abilities

  • Superhuman Strength: Like any other werewolf, Alpha is capable of fits of inhuman strength, being able to lift and carry away Hiram Mottra, a rather bulky full-grown man, by grabbing him with one arm through the window, while also holding onto the ledge of the train cabin, supporting his own weight. During the fight with the Stranger, he slices off large portions of flesh from him with the swings of his powerful claws.
  • Superhuman Durability: Alpha possesses the highest durability and resistance to damage among all the werewolves encountered by Joshua throughout the game, able to withstand dozens of pistol shots without flinching or even being staggered, also taking more silver bullets before dying than any other werewolf.
  • Superhuman Agility: Just like with the superhuman strength, exceptional agility is another attribute not unseen among the common werewolves. Alpha is able to freely and swiftly leap above the moving train, performing swings and leaps in order to follow Stranger's every step or kidnap and murder Hiram. While in battle, Alpha constantly makes quite long jumps and leaps on all fours around the roof of a train cabin to dodge Joshua's shots or reduce distance between them to tear Joshua to shreds with his claws and fangs.
  • Human Disguise: Though not confirmed or seen during the game, it is implied that Alpha, like other werewolves, is able to assume his original human appearance. It would also explain how he was able to stalk and spy on the Stranger and Hiram undetected all the way to the train to Redeye.
  • Intelligence: Aside from the ability to speak, Alpha was smart, cunning and calculative enough to coordinate all the members of his tribe to infiltrate the train to Redeye, let alone to track down the Spookhouse and its operatives and follow them without alerting anyone to his presence or real intentions. During the fight with Joshua, he constantly leaps and jumps in order to dodge his attacks and retreat to come back for a better opportunity of successfully injuring the Stranger.


  • Silver Bullets: Even as the strongest member of his tribe, he's not immune to the typical werewolf weakness. Although Alpha's resistance to the regular ammunition is astonishing, silver bullets deal him a lot more damage and kill him significantly faster.