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Alphonse is main villain of 2013 crime film Dead Man Down is underworld kingpin is boss of Laszlo Kerick aka Victor whom Alphonse kills his family three years back, and before he was killed by his rival Ilar.

He played by Terrence Howard.


Alphonse is responsible for the death of Victor's wife when she was seduced to testify against him because Alphonse's men accidentally killed Victor's daughter two years back. With help of Albanian kingpin Ilir whom he planned to betrayed him soon but unknown to Alphonse, Victor disguised as a henchman to get revenge on the man who ruined his life. Victor met Darcy who worked with Alphonse, Vitor tried killed Alphonse by using sniper rifle while he's in a restaurant one day but is unsuccessful due to henchmen working for Alphonse spoiling the plan and allowing Victor to escape.

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