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Change is good.
~ Scheck's famous catchphrase.
Looking for something? Well, here you are back again. After I patiently explained that your mission is completely hopeless. It still is, though I'm less inclined to entertain you after you broke into my building the second time. Did you think you could get away with this? There are cameras everywhere. I record everything that goes on day and night. Did you think I'd let you win, let you save your little neighborhood? Don't you realize who I am? I am Alphonse Perrier du von Scheck. I can trace my ancestry back to the founding fathers. Do you know when we lost control of this city? When that ridiculous Tomato Incident took place in your pathetic little neighborhood. Tearing it down and putting my name up in its place will be revenge of the sweetest kind.
~ Scheck's true motives for tearing down Arnold's neighborhood and avenge his fallen ancestor Archibald von Scheck.

Alphonse Perrier du von Scheck, also simply known by his surname Scheck, is the main antagonist of Nickelodeon's eighth feature film Hey Arnold!: The Movie.

He is the British-German-American CEO of Future Tech Industries, a corporation that bought up and attempted to tear down Arnold's neighborhood to avenge his family. He is also Arnold's first archenemy.

He was voiced by Paul Sorvino, who also played Rotti Largo in Repo! The Genetic Opera, Paul Cicero in Goodfellas, Lips Manlis in Dick Tracy and the Serial Assgrabber in The Cleveland Show.


Scheck is a tall, bulky man with black hair and green eyes. He wears a blue suit, a white shirt, a purple tie, and plum shoes.


While Scheck originally appears to be a nice, if not somewhat treacherous developer, he is eventually revealed to be downright manipulative, cruel and vengeful. He wants to tear down Arnold's neighborhood and build a shopping mall over it, and doesn't care if the citizens suffer from his actions. The whole reason he wants to demolish the neighborhood is because a historical incident occurred there that sullied his family name. He is extremely quarrelsome, argumentative, opprobrious and truculent, as he confronts Arnold and Gerald revealing his true intentions for bulldozing their neighborhood.

While Scheck is definitely dishonorable and corrupt, that is not really that bad in itself. But, stealing and later burning the document declaring the neighborhood a historical landmark, trying to stop a bus - with children on it - by ordering the overpass that they are driving on blown up, and willing to run down a crowd of people, including children, with his car, while enjoying all of it, crosses the line.


Scheck was the direct descendant of Archibald Von Scheck, the British colonial governor of Hillwood area during the Tomato Incident. Nick Vermicelli directly answers to him. He was also mentioned in the chapter book, "Arnold for President", where Helga manages to get his help to build a skateboard ramp at PS 118.

Hey Arnold!: The Movie

Out with the old, in with the new. I have seen the future, and it's Future Tech Industries.
~ Scheck's ideology.

Scheck is the head of development company Future Tech Industries and wants to build a mall in Arnold's neighborhood and places a jumbotron called the "Scheckivision" counting down the days until demolition begins.

As the day of demolition draws near, Arnold learns of a historic moment called the "Tomato Incident" that legally declares the neighborhood a historic landmark, which will prevent it from being tampered with. As a result, Arnold and his friend, Gerald, attempt to find the document that proves of the land's historical significance. After consulting with a department supervisor and a historian who works at the morgue, they learn that the document was bought by Scheck's company, Future Tech Industries.

When Arnold and Gerald confront Scheck of having the document that declares the neighborhood a historic landmark, he denies having it and kicks the boys out of his office. The boys soon learn to form a mysterious person known as "Deep Voice" that Scheck is lying and the document is located in a vault in his office - the key of which is currently in possession of Scheck's assistant, Nick Vermicelli. After Arnold and Gerald supply themselves with spy equipment from a gadget specialist named Bridget, Arnold and Gerald eventually manage to take the key off the sleeping Vermicelli's neck, despite some close calls.

Shortly after the boys leave, Vermicelli is confronted by a furious Big Bob Pataki (having discovered that he tricked him into signing off 51% of his beeper company to Scheck) and attacks Vermicelli. The fight ends with Vermicelli slamming the fridge door on Bob's face, knocking him out. As Vermicelli goes to the sink to wash himself, he looks in the mirror and finally notices the key is gone, and he alerts Scheck.

Meanwhile, Arnold and Gerald infiltrate FTi, and eventually manage to locate the vault in Scheck's office, only to find the document missing. Scheck appears from behind them with the document in his hand. He reveals that his ancestor, the leader of the British forces, was humiliated by the Tomato Incident, and that for years, Scheck has been planning to avenge his family by tearing down Arnold's neighborhood and replacing it with a hulking building carrying the Scheck's name. He then burns the document to ensure that his plans will proceed, before summoning his guards to get rid of Arnold and Gerald. They manage to get away by incapacitating the guards, and are sure that they have failed until Deep Voice (later revealed to be Helga) convinces Arnold to obtain FTI security-camera footage of Scheck burning the document, which Arnold does.

When Scheck witnesses the kids escaping with the footage of him burning the document, he roars with rage and phones Vermicelli to stop the bus the children have boarded before taking the chase. Scheck orders Vermicelli to blow the overpass in a last-ditch effort to stop the kids, and despite Vermicelli nervously reminding Scheck that it could result in 15 years of life sentences, he reluctantly gives in and detonates the overpass, destroying a portion of it. Luckily, the bus manages to jump the hole with a truck that just so happens to have a ramp, and eventually skids to a stop in front of the neighborhood after crashing into a driverless bulldozer and overturning in process.

Arnold, Gerald, and Helga climb out of the overturned bus and, with the assistance of Bridget, Arnold shows the workers and residents the footage on the Scheckvision. Mayor Dixie, appalled by Scheck's misdeed, declares the neighborhood a national landmark, much to everyone's delight. Just then, Scheck arrives in his car, demanding his workers to demolish the neighborhood, as the 7:00 deadline has passed, but they refuse, angrily pointing to the evidence on the screen. The angry crowd then marches at him, forcing Scheck to reenter his car for protection. When Scheck sees Arnold and Gerald right in front of him, he tries to mow them down, only to discover that Arnold's Grandma, Gertie, has stripped his car of its tires, much to his shock. With his escape foiled, Scheck is then arrested and forced to surrender himself to the police.


  • He crossed the Moral Event Horizon (or at least tried to) when he attempted to run over Arnold and Gerald. However, his tires were stolen and he was unable to do so.
  • Although he is the main antagonist of the first film of the series, he is much less evil than his successor Lasombra.
  • Scheck's final quote "I would've gotten away with it if wasn't for that meddling football head, the kid with the weird stack of hair, and that brat with the one eyebrow!" is a reference to the iconic phrase of almost every villain when being unmasked in all Scooby-Doo media.
  • Scheck appears to be both British and German.
  • Scheck is so far the only animated movie character to be voiced by Paul Sorvino.
  • There were a number of hints earlier in the first Hey Arnold! movie which foreshadow Scheck's true nature and motives for tearing down Arnold's neighborhood:
    • When the Mayor of Hillwood, Mayor Dixie, lets him give his speech about his corporation, Future Tech Industries' plan to build a mall that is located on that neighborhood, he first said that he is "delighted" that the Mayor herself supports said plan. This can imply that Scheck himself is very excited that his own true plans are starting to progress on their first stages.
    • During his speech, he openly describes the numerous structures which were lived in, or owned by the residents of that neighborhood with various negative terms (such as "broken-down"), which shows his hateful views about that area.
      • Also, on his final words in his speech, he said that his own corporation is "the future" of the neighborhood, indicating that he will eventually take over what he thinks is "rightfully" his.
    • His own catchphrase, "Change is good.", is rather suspicious in its own context, especially when it was uttered repeatedly by his own pre-recorded self on the Scheckvision billboard screen, as he was saying it in a seemingly sinister tone.
    • This one is possibly the most obvious, but when Grandpa Phil tells his grandson Arnold about the "Tomato Incident", the former shows the man who was the colonial governor of the area that they're living in today, Archibald von Scheck, whom he and his grandson question about the latter's relation with Alphonse himself, which turns out to be true.
    • When Arnold and Gerald get help from a coroner (who is also a historian) in Hillwood's city morgue, thanks to Mr. Bailey, about any records regarding the significance of the "Tomato Incident", the coroner himself said that a document about the historical event itself is already sold through auction by a "private corporation". Given that this corporation has a recorded address, it's safe to say that the corporation itself is none other than Scheck's own Future Tech Industries.
    • When Arnold and Gerald eventually arrived at the Future Tech Industries' headquarters, they both ask Scheck about a "Tomato Incident" document that was said to be stored in his building, to which the CEO himself reacts with silent shock in his eyes, hinting that he is very aware of the existence of that document.


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