Great job! Well, we've certainly cleaned up this planet! What's our next target?
~ Altair

Altair is the central antagonist of the video game Bomberman 64.


Altair and his band of mercenaries, consisting of Artemis, Orion, and Regulus, attacked the evil emperor Sirius and stole his precious Omni Cube from him, leaving him powerless. Altair uses the Omni Cube to destroy planets and keep a piece of them with him. He travels in the ship called Black Fortress, attached to chunks of four planets, which he calls, Green Garden, Blue Resort, Red Mountain, and White Glacier.

Altair's next target was Planet Bomber. Sirius joined forces with Bomberman to fight against Altair, and Bomberman defeated the guardian of Green Garden, Draco. Bombemran fought Artemis at Blue Resort, and destroyed her. He then defeated the monster guarding the anchor there, Leviathan. Bomberman defeated Orion at Red Mountain, but he survived and used his machine, Hades, to battle him at Stage 4, but Bomberman defeated him, sending him sinking into the lava to a fiery fate. Bomberman then defeated Regulus, who survived and ran off. Once he beat Mantis, the entrance to Black Fortress was opened.

Altair sent his machine, Cerberus, after Bomberman, but Bomberman destroyed Cerberus and found Altair and his pet, a ship called Vega, at the top of Trap Tower. Bomberman fought Altair. Altair appeared to have no powers aside from bombs (each of his henchmen appeared to have a special power, and all of them used bombs) while Vega, in addition to using bombs, shot lasers at Bomberman. Once one of them was hit three times, Altair and Vega merged into a stronger fighter, who teleported out of danger, shot energy blades at Bomberman, and used bombs like the others. Though he had more HP, he stayed stunned for much longer, and Bomberman defeated him. Before he could finish him, he was saved by Regulus, who took him away.

The true conclusion of the battle is revealed if a player defeats Altair after collecting a hundred Gold Cards. As Regulus was flying away with Altair, Sirius came in and knocked the two of them down. Regulus fell over the edge, and Altair landed on the ground near Bomberman. Sirius took the Omni Cube, absorbed its energy, and kicked Altair away and shot him with an anti-matter beam, completely destroying Altair.

Gold Cards

  • Defeat his first form
  • Bounce a pumped bomb off his second form's head
  • Catch his second form in a pumped bomb explosion
  • Defeat him without throwing him over the edge
  • Defeat him by target time


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