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Larryboy: Stop! You can't do this! You're only a cheap copy of me!
(Alter Ego gets stronger)
Mother Pearl: *chuckles evilly* Every time you try to build yourself up by making someone else feel small, you'll only make Alter Ego stronger!
~ Larryboy and Alter Ego battling each other

Alter Ego is a major antagonist of LarryBoy: The Cartoon Adventures episode, Leggo My Ego!.


LarryBoy in that episode is so egotistical that he believes that being a superhero is being better than others, so Alchemist made him smell a flower with chemicals that can shrink the ones LarryBoy looked down on. Alter Ego is created by Alchemist out of LarryBoy's egotism. Once LarryBoy boasted more, Alter Ego grew, but then LarryBoy humbled himself. Alter Ego shrunk and disappeared. The shrunken people of Bumblyburg who got captured because of LarryBoy's pride got back to normal size because of his humility. Alchemist and Mother Pearl were dealt with shortly afterwards.


Alter Ego is the giant version of Larryboy with reversed colors. His mask, cape and pants are green instead of purple, his skin is purple instead of green, his suction ears are black instead of red, his belt is light gray instead of black, and his suit is red instead of yellow.


Alter Ego is a mindless monster who is very brutish to Larryboy. He wanted to fight someone smaller and weaker, likely because he is made of LarryBoy's egotism. His hunger for such makes him expand.


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