AltruCell Corporation (also called "AltruCell") is an evil company on the TV show How I Met Your Mother that is well known for its production of "the fuzzy stuff on tennis balls."

It was said by Ted that the company does a lot more things than making the yellow fuzzy stuff, including logging, drilling for oil, manufacturing weapons, tobacco farming, and missile construction for the government.

The company's main concern is to make the public specifically aware of their production of the tennis ball fuzz, likely to keep them in the dark about their illegal globally known earth-destroying ventures.

Barney Stinson, who is a high-up employee of Goliath National Bank member FDIC (a subsidiary company that AltruCell acquired in season 4), stated that he can never get fired, because of the negative and secret things he knows about the company, especially the fact that the company considers the possibility of engaging in war against Portugal by poisoning its water supply. However, when a merger he handled fell through, he was in danger of getting fired.

The only time the name "AltruCell" is mentioned is in "Life Among the Gorillas".

In the final season, Barney reveals that he told the FBI about all of its illegal dealings and they later shut down their production and arrested the executives, including Greg Fisher, whom Barney's first girlfriend dumped him for.


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