The tentatively called Doctor is the main antagonist and final boss of Metal Slug 4. He is the ringleader of the Amadeus Syndicate. He is a friend of Donald Morden and, after his Rebel Army lost their funding, the Doctor assisted them by providing them with soldiers and advanced weaponry.


The Doctor makes his debut appearance in the game Metal Slug 4 as the head of the Amadeus Syndicate. He helps Morden to obtain new weaponry, and together they create an army comprised of soldiers from Morden's army and his own troops.

He appears at the end of the game as the final boss, controlling the Amadeus Mother Computer. He has 3 types of robots. Two robots, as well as a central computer used to control various weaponry in the vicinity. First computer is armed with missile launchers, claws, electric cannons, and ring laser. Second computer is armed with a claw, built-in gatling guns, satellites cannon, and giant ground saw. The central main computer controls multiple laser guns, laser cannon, drone and a wave that attempts to kill you by covering the whole area. After defeating him, the base begins to collapse while he is still stuck inside the last machine. It is unknown if he survived the destruction of the base.



  • Prior to his "name reveal" in Metal Slug Attack, the Doctor was usually referred by Metal Slug fans as Amadeus, stemming on how the Rebel Army and its infantry are sometimes officially called Morden's Army or Morden Soldiers. In Metal Slug Defense and Metal Slug Attack, the name "Amadeus" only refer to the syndicate and the mother computers. Another common fan name for the Doctor was Manfred Amadeus, which either comes from a character of the short story "Man" from Looking In, Looking Out, or the music piece Eine kleine Tischmusik by Manfred (Amadeus) Menke.
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