Amafi is a womanizing importer of cheap labor and a villain in Shaft in Africa (1973), the last installment of the original Shaft movies.

He was portrayed by a late British actor Frank Finlay.

Amafi is a selfish, ruthless and murderous scumbag who killed the Emier's son. He is one of the most brutal figures in organized crime, with a racist side as well. He jokingly says, "You can't throw a spear all the way to New York can we?" He insults Wassa (a backstabbing two timer who claims to be on John's side in the beginning of the movie) and mockingly calls him "brother man".

His first villainous act is when one of his hitman capture the son of a diplomat named Emir Ramila. He also is shown not to have any love for anyone. His mistress is not shown love at all, to which he says, "I don't particularly love this gal." He abuses those who try to their job for them, in one case, calling one of his captains an idiot.

He is sleazy, saying he wants to experience the world, sexually. The hitman argues to spare his life because it will only lead to a war, but Amafi insists on having him killed. He is extremely ruthless, that any failure will result in him squashing the neck of Wassa who failed to fulfill his order. He will stop at nothing to have John killed. In the end he threatens to destroy an underground chamber with all the evidence, belittling his workers, calling them "dumb bastards". However, he gets his in the end when those prisoners manage to escape the chamber and drown him to death.

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