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Who...? Ah, yes. I'm Amaimon, a Demon king. I'm kind of like your big brother. Nice to meet you.
~ Amaimon introducing himself to Rin

Amaimon is a supporting antagonist in the manga/anime Blue Exorcist. He is one of the Eight Demon Kings and the seventh strongest among them. He is one of the sons of Satan, the brother of Mephisto Pheles and the half-brother of the Okumura twins.

He is voiced by Tetsuya Kakihara in the Japanese version of the anime and Darrel Guilbeau in the English version.


Amaimon is the seventh strongest of the Eight Demon Kings, and holds the title of the King of Earth. While there are six other kings stronger than him, Amaimon is still a force to be reckoned with; he is superhuamnly strong, breaking Konekomaru's arm with a mere poke from his finger, forcing the latter to spend the group's entire trip to Kyoto wearing a cast. He also sends Rin, a half-demon, flying through a roller coaster just by flicking him. Ultimately, it takes Rin drawing his sword (which reveals his identity to all his friends) and some interference from Mephisto to defeat him.

Despite being more than a millennia old, Amaimon is very childish; he treats fighting like a game and get really angry whenever someone ruins his "fun".  Amaimon also hates losing, as after he lost to Rin, during the hearing against Mephisto (in anime only), to ensure his victory against the former, Amaimon assumed his Demon form. He is very playful and doesn't take his opponents seriously in battle, which suggests that Amaimon is either highly arrogant, or extremely skilled in combat. Overall, he comes off as less mature than both Rin and Yukio, both of whom are only 15, and the former of whom is often called childish by the latter.

His attitude is quite similar to that of his full-blooded brother, Mephisto, in that both of them do what they do primarily out of amusement, though Mephisto doesn't take it to the same levels.