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The Amalgamates are five characters that come from Undertale. They appear as minor antagonists in the True Pacifist Run.


The Amalgamates trace their origin to botched attempts by Doctor Alphys to stop monsters from dying. She injected them with determination. At first, Alphys deemed her experiment failures, but to her surprise, the monsters opened their eyes. She is later dismayed when they started to merge together, causing her to live an austere life where she hid in the laboratory.



These Amalgamates are the most common that can be encountered. They make their first appearance when Frisk, the protagonist, exits the exit at the South Wing, turns left, heads to the West Wing, and then tampers with the sinks when he finds them at the end. As he does so, three angry Memoryheads pop from the third sink, and Frisk is forced to fight them. Frisk eventually persists with his determination, gaining the red key in the process.

Memoryheads slightly resemble Giygas from the game series Earthbound, as well as Gibbering Mouthers and Feyrs from Dungeons and Dragons, as their face is basically a facial feature hodge-podge. Their main attack is summoning white bullets that are called Freak Bullets. These Freak Bullets are harmless on their own, but after a while, their bodies turn white and they explode, forming a wriggling face that must be avoided. If he gets caught, Frisk will take some damage. Frisk must use his cell phone to call the Memoryheads and refuse to join their gang. Upon their defeat, Memoryheads seemingly disintegrate.

They make their next appearance when Frisk makes his way to the main power generator, attempting to swarm the young kid as their noses picked up Potato Chisps on him. Alphys stops them with offerings of food in the fridge, and explains their origin story. Memoryheads have no check data of their own.


This monster is located in the lab's East Wing's vent hall, being a boss. When Frisk arrives, he cannot see. He activates a switch on the wall. Suddenly, the En-dog-eny appears and ambushes him. Frisk's escape route is cut off, making the battle inevitable.

The En-dog-eny resembles a tartigrade somewhat, but retains canine features. He has a single orifice in the middle of his "face". His overworld sprite looks similar, except that his sixth leg is missing. His attacks use a variation of the Annoying Dog, but with his mouth. It may rocket around the battlefield or fire arrows from its maw. Both are damaging. His spare conditions are in the following order: Beckon and pet the En-dog-eny, then play with him, then pet him twice more. The Check text for the En-dog-eny jokingly states that it is not clear how many dogs the creature counts as. He is related to Snowdin's dogs, reuiniting with them in the epilogue.

Reaper Bird

This Amalgamate appears when Frisk makes his way past some mirrors in the East Wing. As he does so, an exclamation mark appears over his head, much to his confusion. He investigates, but the irate Reaper Bird pops out.

The Reaper Bird is composed of parts from the Astigmatism, Whimsalot (or maybe Whimsun), and the Final Froggit. He is rather tall, perhaps the tallest Amalgamate, so his body from the neck down has to compress on his turn. His head is composed of the body of the Astigmatism, whose legs have been repurposed into the creature's beak. The Reaper Bird's arms/wings come from the Final Froggit's legs, while his own legs come from Whimsalot's/Whimsun's legs.

The Reaper Bird does not attack, but his minion, the Everyman, does so in his stead. He resembles a bird/humanoid entity. His eyes are black. On his first turn, the Everyman does not do anything. His second turn has him rush the protagonist with butterflies on his head. For his other attack, the Everyman tosses copies of his head. These fake heads home in on the Frisk's soul.

The Reaper Bird can be spared by picking on him, praying, and then mystifying him in any order. When the Reaper Bird is checked, the message, "This relentless future finally looks brighter and brighter." plays.

Lemon Bread

This Amalgamate is encountered when Frisk makes his way past the Determination Extractor. As he gets close to a suspicious-looking save-point, the Lemon Bread bursts from the save point and reveals her true form. However, she does allow saving before the battle starts. When the Lemon Bread is defeated, Frisk can make his way into the North Wing.

The Lemon Bread is composed of parts from Shyren's agent, an Aaron, and a Moldbygg. In battle, she attacks by biting down to damage Frisk's spirit. This attack works similarly to the microgame Cavity Calamity from WarioWare: Mega Microgames!. She can also trap his soul to damage it with energy beams fired from her eyes. Her Check description reads, "Welcome to my Special Hell!". In the game's epilogue, she reunites with her sister Shyren.

Snowdrake's Mother

This Amalgamate has been trapped in Fridge Form. When Frisk makes his way into the North Wing's freezer and inspects the fridges, the Amalgamate pops out, resembling a yeti. Her actual form is like her son's, but she is female and is merged with two vegetoids. She attacks with his blades, but these blades seldom target the soul. She can be spared when frisk tells three bad jokes about snow. When you use the Check act, the message states that Snowdrake's Mother seems to be "losing (her)self." She is later reunited with her son.


  • When the Amalgamates attack, the battle song Amalgam plays. The song is written in the key of C Major and runs at the same speed as the standard battle theme, but it has a weird tune.


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